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Dennis Hall: Advisers paying for guidance is highway robbery

25 July 2014

I am vehemently opposed to Chancellor George Osborne’s free pension guidance. It isn’t free to me, and by extension it isn’t free to my clients

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Neil Liversidge: Taken hostage in the name of advice

25 July 2014

People often become rich by not taking prisoners. They do, however, make hostages of advisers who are foolish or greedy enough to let them

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Martin Werth: The case against higher protection commission

24 July 2014

Underwriting and the current pay structure are holding back protection sales.


John Greenwood: Prepare for wholesale pensions tax relief reform

24 July 2014

While the entire industry is busy welcoming George Osborne’s pensions freedom with open arms, is anyone considering the potential £15bn hole it will leave in public finances? 

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Andrew Warwick-Thompson TPR

Andrew Warwick-Thompson: The devastating consequences of pension scams

24 July 2014

We must never lose sight of the impact pension scams have on victims and their families.

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Peter Hamilton: The blurred line between advice and information

24 July 2014

The FCA’s rules themselves are complex, the ordinary law also applies to what is going on and the facts of each case will inevitably be different. So how do advisers tackle simplified advice from a legal standpoint? 

Keith Richards

Keith Richards: Govt must focus on addressing the protection gap

21 July 2014

With one of the worst protection gaps in Europe, what will it take to address the issue? 

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Osborne must be bold on pensions guidance

18 July 2014 | By Steve Tolley

If the Chancellor wants the political cover guidance could bring it will have to be as bold as the pension freedom agenda.

Claire Williams

Claire Williams: Why advisers shouldn't put long-stops in contracts

18 July 2014

With a lack of detail around the complaints long-stop and a potential Cobs breach not yet ascertained, advisers would be wise to act in accordance with there being no shelf life to their liability.

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The Platforum on Zurich: Well-powered model fit for fine-tuning

18 July 2014

Zurich is the newest of the life insurer-owned platforms to enter the already crowded market. It now faces an opportunity to take advantage of some of its USPs 


Greg Kingston: The risks of holding commercial property in a Sipp

18 July 2014

It is disheartening that some Sipp providers have lobbied for commercial property to be a non-standard asset under forthcoming capital adequacy rules.

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FCA must give simplified advice solutions, not problems

18 July 2014 | By Tessa Norman

More answers needed before firms can develop simplified advice models with confidence. 

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Kim North: FSCS needs to work harder to reduce costs

18 July 2014

Why is it so hard for the FSCS to ask the consumer for their sort code and account number and simply transfer the cash?

Ian-Naismith-MM-Peach 700.jpg

Ian Naismith: Making sense of the Pension Schemes Bill

16 July 2014

Will the Pensions Schemes Bill lead to a step-change in retirement provision –  or is it only words?


Tony Wickenden: When it is relevant to pay IHT

16 July 2014

Government proposals to simplify IHT charges on trusts have shown that reform is far from simple.

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Paul Resnick

Paul Resnik: Budget guidance puts advisers in role of question master

16 July 2014

What questions should advisers ask clients in the new world of flexible retirement?

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MM Leader


MM leader: Will advisers pay the high price of guidance?

24 July 2014

The literature from the Treasury and the FCA this week did its best to reassure the financial services industry that guidance can be delivered successfully.

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Nic Cicutti


Nic Cicutti: Wheatley's wages are not the real scandal

24 July 2014

One of the striking things about many regulatory discussions over the years has been their utter predictability, usually on the IFA side

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Chris Gilchrist


Chris Gilchrist: The terror of pensions

18 July 2014

As far as delivering good investment outcomes is concerned, the freedom of the new pension rules may present a serious threat.

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Alan Lakey


Alan Lakey: Providers are leaving advisers high and dry

11 July 2014

In this dog-eat-dog world yesterday’s partners are today’s sworn enemies.

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Ian Mckenna


Ian McKenna: FOS holds back the UK advance on digital advice

24 July 2014

It should not be acceptable that UK consumers are prevented from receiving the advice they need at a price they can afford.

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Rob Reid


Robert Reid: The execution-only label isn't working

25 July 2014

When I hear the words “execution-only”, it conjures up the image of the firing squad where the soon-to-be victim is given one last cigarette

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Brian Tora


Brian Tora: FTSE flirts with all-time high

29 May 2014

The FTSE 100 index is hovering around the psychologically important 7,000 mark but there are plenty of investment opportunities regardless of what happens with the index.

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Tony Wickenden


Tony Wickenden: A matter of relevance

24 July 2014

A further look at how new planned IHT rules would apply to relevant property trusts.

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