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Rachael Griffin, Old Mutual Wealth

Where are we on multiple trusts?

19 December 2014

Advisers will be forgiven for being rather confused by the latest to-ing and fro-ing from the Government over multiple trusts.


Tom Baigrie: Protection giants face big competition

19 December 2014

More good news is due next year than the industry has seen in the last 10 put together.


Alan Higham: Why I was relieved at Caroline Rookes' adviser ethics comments

18 December 2014

The adviser community needs to prove it can be trusted to play a key role in helping retirees.

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Richard Buxton: There will be pain in this oil price war

16 December 2014

The price of oil could fall much further, and stay low for much longer, than current consensus believes.


Stephanie Flanders: Lessons in a ‘lowflation’ world

15 December 2014

If the world cannot generate inflation, can it still generate decent returns?

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Neil Liversidge: Nanny-state regulator to blame for mortgage woes

12 December 2014

The toxic claims culture is preventing consumers from finding the best mortgage deals.

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Havard Hughes Peach

Havard Hughes: FCA statutory bodies must come in from the cold

11 December 2014

When the dust has settled on the Davis review’s extraordinary critique of the FCA there will be two clear winners.

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Danby Bloch: Honest answers to silly questions

9 December 2014

Asking how much clients can afford to lose has no part in a risk-profiling questionnaire  

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Holly MacKay Peach 620x430

Holly Mackay: Why I'm sick of lectures on 'value not price'

8 December 2014

Fund managers make it impossible to understand what ‘value’ might be.

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Rory Percival Peach

FCA's Rory Percival: Where we are on professionalism

8 December 2014

It is too early in the RDR’s life to measure better quality advice.

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Alan Higham: FCA must tackle annuity commission disclosure

5 December 2014

Few people know that commission is still paid even if you buy direct from your own pension company.

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Outflanked: Osborne has stolen the election...and Ed Balls just stood and watched

5 December 2014

The Chancellor’s decision to axe the hated “slab” stamp duty system could seal the 2015 election for the Conservatives.

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Kim North: The moral case for auto-enrolment

5 December 2014

Pension providers must commit to providing auto-enrolment to small businesses

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John Chatfeild-Roberts: Will Bank of Japan's experiment pay off?

3 December 2014

A typically troubling October may have passed but investors must still tread carefully


Dennis Hall: Attack of the clones

2 December 2014

Stop following everyone else’s agendas and take a good look at what it is you want to achieve.

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Sam Macdonald Peach 620x430

Should publishers launch their own investment propositions?

1 December 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Conflicts of interest are a constant in the world of financial services, it’s something that everyone is aware of.

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MM Leader


MM leader: Has the RDR been worth £2.6bn?

18 December 2014

Total cost of RDR to financial services firms is estimated at up to £2.6bn by 2017.

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Nic Cicutti


Nic Cicutti: Quit long-stop moaning and take up OMO fight

18 December 2014

After the FCA’s report into annuities last week, most independent observers believe the regulator has bottled the issue.

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Chris Gilchrist


Chris Gilchrist: How not to approach client attitude to risk

19 December 2014

It is hard to take some of the life planning initiatives out there seriously.

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Alan Lakey


Alan Lakey: The simple truth about 'simple' products

28 November 2014

The simple products initiative is occupying the minds of those who really should know better.

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Ian Mckenna


Ian McKenna: It's not so hard to deal with small savers

10 December 2014

The challenge faced by advisers is increasingly a matter of who will actually take a scheme for any given employer.

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Rob Reid


Robert Reid: Fall guys in Budget guidance tug of war

12 December 2014

As the Treasury makes matters more complex, guidance becomes more difficult to deliver.

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Brian Tora


Brian Tora: ‘Tis the season to be cautious

3 December 2014

Markets tend to drift upwards towards the end of the year.

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Tony Wickenden


Tony Wickenden: Too good to be true?

11 December 2014

A ‘new way’ for advisers to receive payments from life companies without triggering a surrender is not all it seems

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Two years on from the RDR, do you think consumers are better off as a result?

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