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Tom Baigrie: Are bank partnerships the next stage of advice evolution?

27 March 2015

Banks and insurers should consider the value of partnerships with smaller advice firms.

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Tony Mudd: The challenge of advising globally mobile clients

25 March 2015

Despite the potential benefits of the time apportioned reduction, bed and breakfasting could be a better option for international clients.

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Danby Bloch: Pre-election planning on pensions

25 March 2015

Advisers should be planning now for the possibility of a change of government.

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Peter Hamilton: Rights over pensions in bankruptcy

24 March 2015

Can a trustee in bankruptcy require a bankrupt to elect to take his pension?


Phil Billingham: The (un)hidden agendas of product providers

24 March 2015

Do not lose sight of the fact their true purpose is to achieve corporate profit and distribution goals.

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Stephanie Flanders: Should investors fear a strengthening dollar?

23 March 2015

A stronger dollar ought to be good news for investors, provided the upward trajectory does not get out of hand.


Alan Higham: The complex world of pension transfers

23 March 2015

The job of a pension transfer specialist is not easy and they are likely to be in massive demand.


Andrew Tully: Cutting lifetime allowance is a tax on investment performance

20 March 2015

The hope coming into this year’s Budget was that pensions would be left alone but this was always unlikely.

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Seven Families hits back after Cicutti 'comatose' attack

19 March 2015

Kevin Carr says PR has generated £700,000 worth of press coverage since the campaign launched.

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Annalise Toberman Peach 250x255

The Platforum: Pension wrappers set to clean up

17 March 2015

The bulk of platform assets now sit within pension wrappers and the net sales figures look increasingly promising.


Ian McKenna: Lessons from the US on adviser software integration

16 March 2015

UK advisers are right to expect more of software suppliers and platforms.

Hugh Young

Hugh Young: The challenges ahead for India

16 March 2015

Conditions are ripe for India’s economy to take flight once again.

Andrew Tully Peach 250x255

Andrew Tully: Politicians must resist pensions tinkering temptation

16 March 2015

A period of stability is needed to work out whether pension saving is on the right track.

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Linda Smith: What to expect from Pension Wise

11 March 2015

Will the Government’s goal of better-informed consumers beat a path to advisers’ doors?

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Holly MacKay Peach 620x430

Holly Mackay: Platform price wars episode II - attack of the clones

11 March 2015

We are now seeing the start of a second price scuffle, as providers compete for the “pension freedoms wallet”.

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Danby Bloch: Why I'm in favour of inheritable pensions

10 March 2015

New tax rules mean planning to cascade pension wealth down the generations is well worth recommending.

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MM Leader


MM leader: FCA needs to get a grip on unauthorised firms

26 March 2015

Pension freedoms mean it is imperative the regulator tackles a growing problem.

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Nic Cicutti


Nic Cicutti: It's time to debate protection out in the open

26 March 2015

You can always tell when something I said is highly controversial.

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Chris Gilchrist


Chris Gilchrist: Why are we still footing the bill for product disasters?

27 March 2015

A review of the liable parties is well overdue. But is it in the regulator’s best interests? 

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Alan Lakey


Alan Lakey: The simple truth about 'simple' products

28 November 2014

The simple products initiative is occupying the minds of those who really should know better.

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Ian Mckenna


Ian McKenna: The changing advice market - and how advisers have to adapt

9 March 2015

Could advisers learn something from Weight Watchers when it comes to engaging clients?

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Rob Reid


Robert Reid: ABI’s commission comments prove it is stuck in the past

20 March 2015

The organisation has lessons to learn - quickly.

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Brian Tora


Brian Tora: The problem with indices

11 March 2015

Indices both at home and overseas can be notoriously misleading.

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Tony Wickenden


Tony Wickenden: Constructing a valid deed of variation

17 March 2015

There are certain requirements for an instrument of variation to be declared valid.

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