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Mel Kenny

Mel Kenny: The D2C advice robots have arrived

23 September 2014

The isolating world of the robot will take what we do not want but give back to us people pleading to deal with us.


John McTernan: Why Labour must oppose Budget pensions disaster

19 September 2014

Without consultation, the entire structure of the British pension settlement was torn up by the Chancellor.

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Lee Robertson: The Ayes don't have it

19 September 2014

I am incredibly proud of the way the political debate was so energised by both sides and truly believe British politics will be the better for it going forward.

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Neil Liversidge: Undeserved PPI payouts are tantamount to fraud

19 September 2014

PPI misselling is not a black and white issue.

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Richard Leeson: RDR poses pitfalls for asset gatherers

16 September 2014

The asset-gathering business model is a potential cause for concern, particularly when it comes to product suitability

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Tom Kean: Providers are using advisers as unpaid data entry clerks

16 September 2014

How hard can it be for the various life offices left out there to make our lives just a bit easier once in a while?

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Nick Bamford MM 700

Nick Bamford: Advisers not to blame for breakdown in trust

15 September 2014

Commentators like Sue Lewis of the FCA Consumer Panel fall into the “adviserism” trap on a regular basis.

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Paul Kennedy: Beware tax penalties on pension advice charges

15 September 2014

Facilitating advice charges through pensions can have tax advantages but make sure you comply with the rules.


Kim North: Stakes are too high to gamble on Ucis

12 September 2014

Over the years I’ve been sent thousands of mailings promoting unregulated collective investment schemes.

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Should pension providers be forced to scrap exit fees?

11 September 2014 | By Sam Brodbeck

Just how unfair are exit fees charged by insurance companies?

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Will Budget reforms be remembered as a catastrophic blunder?

10 September 2014

The law of unintended consequences says the actions of individuals and governments always have effects not foreseen by those involved.

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John Chatfeild-Roberts: Bouncing US turns all eyes on the Fed

10 September 2014

Markets are braced for rising rates as mixed signals spark debate at the central bank.


Danby Bloch: Pension savings must not go to pot

10 September 2014

It is worth examining options for pension encashment now, ahead of next year’s flexible new regime.


Chris Davies: What's your financial advice strategy?

10 September 2014

Advisers and financial planners face tough decisions when managing the future direction their businesses should take.


Tony Wickenden: Tightening the rules on tax avoidance disclosure

9 September 2014

The Government says grandfathering could be misused by promoters.


Iain Anderson: Can No campaign win back momentum on Scottish independence?

9 September 2014

Hang on to your hats (or your bonnets) - this is going down to the wire

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MM Leader


MM leader: Is Labour about to blow apart the Budget?

18 September 2014

Insurers are planning for the unthinkable – a U-turn on the Government’s flagship pension reforms

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Nic Cicutti


Nic Cicutti: Advisers need to do their homework on dodgy investments

18 September 2014

Many years ago, so many years that I am embarrassed to say, I rang a Scottish Amicable marketing director for my weekly chat.

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Chris Gilchrist


Chris Gilchrist: Avoiding the risk iceberg

12 September 2014

It is intuitively obvious that ‘How much can you afford to lose?’ ought to be the starting point for professional investment advice

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Alan Lakey


Alan Lakey: Rate increase bombshell is looming

5 September 2014

As advisers we are often expected to be adviser, marriage guidance counsellor and often clairvoyant.

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Ian Mckenna


Ian McKenna: Wearable tech will change protection forever

19 September 2014

Wearable devices and biometric software have the capacity to transform almost every element of the protection market.

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Rob Reid


Robert Reid: Change is on the cards whatever Scotland decides

18 September 2014

Mass devolution is likely if Scotland votes no to independence.

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Brian Tora


Brian Tora: Geo-political issues risk upsetting the apple cart

17 September 2014

Geopolitical risks may upset the applecart but the focus in the short term is on interest rates.

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Tony Wickenden


Tony Wickenden: Dotas and IHT - what it means for advisers

17 September 2014

Proposals to widen the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes provisions for IHT avoidance schemes will have implications for financial planning.

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Is Labour right to be concerned about the unintended consequences of the Budget pension reforms?

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