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Claire Trott Talbot & Muir

Claire Trott: Legacy problems plague pension freedom reforms

2 March 2015

In introducing a second line of defence, has the regulator decided the first will not work?

Jeremy Fawcett peach

The Platforum: Lifecos face new competitors in brave new pensions world

27 February 2015

Which life companies will be the winners and losers as they enter the direct to consumer platform world?


Tom Baigrie: Time to drive home the benefits of protection

27 February 2015

Certainty is what consumers want most and what drives action. 

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Danby Bloch: Filling up on the pensioner bonds bribe

24 February 2015

Where does the generous proposition fit into financial planning?

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Mark Barnett: Why I am in investing in the support services sector

24 February 2015

Capita, Babcock and Compass are favoured stock picks in this potentially lucrative space.


How one complaint case proves the need for a long-stop

23 February 2015

The FOS will bend over backwards to find a way to allow a complaint to be brought outside the usual time limits.

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John Lawson: The cash for annuity question

23 February 2015

The cash value of annuities will come as a surprise to many. But should people be allowed to sell?

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Neil Woodford Peach

Neil Woodford: QE just makes the asset-rich richer

23 February 2015

The ECB’s commitment to roll out QE simply offers false hope to investors.

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Richard Bradley Peach 250x255

The Platforum on what next for third-party investment solutions

19 February 2015

The shift away from an open architecture platform model is hurting traditional retail asset managers.


Malcolm McLean: Will Osborne be haunted by guidance 'guarantee' pledge?

17 February 2015

Was it wise to offer a “guarantee” of face-to-face guidance for all new retirees?

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Nigel Chambers Peach 250x255

Nigel Chambers: Charge cap work will cut routes to advice

17 February 2015

The auto-enrolment charge cap will come into force from April.


Tradeable annuities: A lifeline for retirees or potential misselling disaster?

16 February 2015 | By Tom Selby

With a consultation on tradeable annuities seemingly imminent, Money Marketing’s Tom Selby asks: is it a good idea?

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Phil Young

Phil Young: When will advisers get the competition treatment?

16 February 2015

Platforms and pensions have already received the FCA’s competition treatment. Are advisers next?

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Kim North: Pension guidance imitation is no joke

13 February 2015

The ombudsman responsible for complaints relating to Pension Wise are not going to know what’s hit them…

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Jim Leaviss: The real story behind China's growth

12 February 2015

Many have questioned the accuracy of China’s GDP data but the impact of a slowdown cannot be underestimated. 

Tessa Norman Peach 250x255

Keep the branding out of financial education

11 February 2015 | By Tessa Norman

Corporates getting involved for the right reasons should have no problem with removing their brands from resources. 

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MM Leader

Pensions-savings-retirement-piggy bank

MM leader: Is Partnership in denial about the state of the annuity market?

26 February 2015

Is it realistic to assume the individual annuity market could bounce back from its current lows?

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Nic Cicutti


Nic Cicutti: Adviser attacks should not detract from pension freedoms debate

26 February 2015

Some advisers really cannot handle a proper discussion.

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Chris Gilchrist


Chris Gilchrist: A high-class game of pass the buck

20 February 2015

The UK has no agency or force capable of preventing a tidal wave of fraud and theft of pension money post-April.

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Alan Lakey


Alan Lakey: The simple truth about 'simple' products

28 November 2014

The simple products initiative is occupying the minds of those who really should know better.

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Ian Mckenna


Ian McKenna: How clients will manage their money in the future

11 February 2015

The adviser tech heading our way from the Finovate Europe conference. 

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Rob Reid


Robert Reid: Pensions guidance cannot exist in scripts alone

27 February 2015

The industry needs to come up with more creative ways of delivering guidance.

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Tony Wickenden


Tony Wickenden: The mark of a good taxpayer

24 February 2015

Companies are clamouring to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark – a stamp of approval for openness and fairness in relation to tax affairs.

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Has the FCA done enough to protect consumers with its pension freedoms ‘second line of defence’ rules?

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