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Steve Bee: Isn't it time we started trusting savers?

23 April 2014

There was a time when I was not very popular with the great and good of the pensions industry.

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Standard Life: How we decided our auto-enrol charging structure

23 April 2014

Provider says a shared cost model between employer and member avoids disparity between members.

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Robert Sinclair: Damage from inducements crackdown should not be underestimated

22 April 2014

The FCA’s inducement rules risk making product providers withdraw a lot of their training support and make it harder for providers and distributors to work together to make a better industry.


Tom Kean: The tyranny of change

22 April 2014

The Budget reforms are good for financial advice but the business needs a period of calm to let all the recent changes bed in.

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Phil Young: Crunching the numbers on adviser profits

17 April 2014

Higher revenues are tied to a percentage of assets charging structure.

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Alan Lakey: The fatal flaws of pandering to consumers

17 April 2014

Regulators and politicians trying to play to consumer interests just end up making access to financial services worse

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David White: Pension charge cap does nothing to boost employer engagement

16 April 2014

The charge cap is good news for pension savers but a failure to get employers to engage with auto-enrolment is putting the whole project at risk.


Simon Willoughby: What is behind the boom in platform offshore bond sales?

16 April 2014

Last year saw offshore bonds written on platforms double and they are likely to account for 50% of sales by the end of 2015.


Linda Smith: Understanding the FCA's independence definition

15 April 2014

There is still confusion over what is and what is not independent.

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Martin Werth: Budget is shot in the arm for protection

15 April 2014

The Budget should encourage a much more favourable view of long-term saving and by blending protection products with investment we have a chance to offer real innovation that will benefit consumers.


Billy Burrows: What will good advice look like post-Budget?

15 April 2014

The challenge is finding a way of explaining the complex options for many people who still want an income in retirement.


Dennis Hall: Why we've changed our model to target £1m+ clients

14 April 2014

After looking at our business numbers, we realised something has to change.

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IMA: Axing double stamp duty is long overdue

14 April 2014

The abolition of double stamp duty for UK-domiciled funds is long overdue and will help level the playing field.


How state pension top-ups compare with buying an annuity

11 April 2014

New Class 3A National Insurance contributions appear to be odds with Government’s annuities claims.


Should pension providers stop talking to their customers?

11 April 2014 | By Tom Selby

It would be unreasonable and counter-productive to prevent pension companies from speaking to savers.

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Nick Bamford MM 700

Nick Bamford: Why aren't advisers explaining their charges properly?

10 April 2014

If an adviser cannot answer client questions on costs, perhaps they are in the wrong job.

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MM Leader


MM leader: Osborne's liberation and the empowerment of savers

27 March 2014

Chancellor George Osborne’s proposed pension reforms look like heralding a transformation of the savings landscape

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Nic Cicutti


Nic Cicutti: Steve Webb needs to be more radical on pension tax relief

24 April 2014

Pensions minister should also look at tax-free lump sum benefits.

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Chris Gilchrist


Chris Gilchrist: Zombies win, clients and advisers lose

11 April 2014

The furore over the FCA review of zombie fund charges is a red herring, the real issues is the appalling standards of service.

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Alan Lakey


Alan Lakey: Who's regulating the regulator?

28 March 2014

A new regulator’s code of conduct is due to be launched next month but don’t expect any change of behaviour from the FCA

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Ian Mckenna


Ian McKenna: Advisers are not immune from the rise of online

17 April 2014

Advisers need to ensure they are meeting their clients’ demands when it comes to communicating and interacting and increasingly this means using the latest technology.

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Rob Reid


Robert Reid: Solving the independence mess

22 April 2014

This could end up as a judicial review as some major players seek to protect their status

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Brian Tora


Brian Tora: The Budget should provide a boost for fund managers

16 April 2014

Not so long ago pundits were predicting the end of the cult of equities as baby-boomers moved into retirement but the Budget pensions changes mean many people will remain invested into retirement.

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Tony Wickenden

Tony Wickenden: The challenges facing Osborne’s guidance plan

24 April 2014

Chancellor George Osborne’s plan to offer everyone free, face-to-face and impartial guidance is a laudable plan but faces many practical obstacles.

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