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Nucleus at the core

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Martyn Mulligan My beautiful wrap
At Cameron Chase, our business philosophy seeks to provide a truly holistic, financial plan in line with our clients' life goals.

As we are finding in today's modern world, life changes at an ever increasing pace. At the core to this change is the proliferation of career opportunities, worldwide holidays and unlimited new interests and hobbies available to consumers through the marvel of the internet.

For today's client, financial planning is more often than not a case of using their accumulated personal wealth to provide what they want from life through efficient tax planning (in order to maximise the amount available to invest) and appropriate investing.

For today's financial planner, the acceleration of the wrap market is central to helping clients achieve their goals by offering advisers the chance to bring together all clients assets in one place.

Transparency, flexibility and overall simplicity are essential factors to consider when looking at wrap platforms. Not to mention the ability to alter the client's investment strategy, draw an income or exit completely without charge.

Nucleus has become a leader in all of these aspects. The charges are clear from the outset - a straight 0.35 per cent a year with no fund switch fees or exit penalties. Anything else is adviser remuneration or fund management charges but, with very attractive fund- charging discounts to initial and annual charges, the costs are kept low.

The platform is owned and controlled by advisers, defining its independence above any other proposition around. Crucially, this also means, none of the above benefits comes with the pain of a sales pitch. There is no giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

Nucleus is a relatively new phenomenon and the platform is still evolving and developing in line with advisers' needs and growing in stature. Rather than this being a drawback, we see it as a distinct advantage.

The Nucleus team is comprised of positive, forward-thinking individuals who not only have a handle on what is needed in the here and now but also, largely because of that essential adviser input, the team has the ability to adapt to the ever changing financial landscape.

In recent years, the financial services industry has appeared intent on trying to over-complicate almost every aspect of financial planning so it is good to finally have a proposition in the market that cuts out all the flashing lights, bells and whistles allowing advisers to concentrate on the proper job in hand.

Now that we have covered the financial plan, and the tax planning is sorted, all that is left is the consideration of where to invest the client's resources in order to meet their life's goals?

The Nucleus wrap ticks every single box and is therefore the natural choice.

Martyn Mulligan is a consultant at Cameron Chase

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