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The Big Interview


Profile: Openwork's new chief on the dearth of advisers

23 April 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Openwork’s chief executive on the opportunities for new financial services’ recruits to fill the advice gap

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Profile: Old Mutual Wealth's Carlton Hood on the right way to deliver vertical integration

20 April 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Old Mutual Wealth’s customer director says vertical integration should not hide weaknesses.


Profile: How an Aussie lawyer became a global asset management CEO

13 April 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Columbia Threadneedle Investments chief executive Campbell Fleming on regulation and markets that don’t work well.


Profile: How one adviser is looking to challenge the FCA

2 April 2015 | By Tessa Norman

Adviser Clinton Askew on the ‘unsung’ FCA panels and negotiating a better form of regulation. 

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Profile: From washing cars to SimplyBiz

26 March 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

The joint managing directors of SimplyBiz talk pension freedoms, the sunset clause and auto-enrolment.


Profile: Veteran Harry Katz on why he deserves a 'pat on the back’ after 30 years in advice

19 March 2015 | By Sam Brodbeck

The firebrand settles some scores as he waves goodbye to 30 years in advice.

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Profile: Why financial planning doesn't get tougher than Aussie rules

12 March 2015 | By Steve Tolley

Australia’s Financial Planning Association chief executive on how UK advice qualifications stack up against Australia’s.

Godfrey Daniel Investment Association 2015

Profile: IA chief Daniel Godfrey on managing money and responsible profits

19 February 2015 | By Michael Berry

“Making investment better. It’s not even an elevator conversation, I can say it when the doors are closing and get back to conventional silence.”

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Profile: SEI's Brett Williams on technology's role in helping advisers

5 February 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

SEI Wealth Platform’s Brett Williams highlights the opportunities and challenges facing wealth managers and advisers.


Profile: Beaufort's Simon Goldthorpe on why he misses being an adviser

5 March 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Beaufort Group executive Simon Goldthorpe has built several businesses but misses being an adviser.

Steve Groves 2015

Profile: Partnership chief Steve Groves on why the market has misunderstood the Budget

26 February 2015 | By Sam Brodbeck

Partnership’s chief executive officer on why the market has misunderstood the Budget.

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Profile: MetLife's Simon Massey on the dangers of non-advised drawdown

12 February 2015 | By Tom Selby

MetLife’s Simon Massey on the dangers of non-advised drawdown and the temptation to rush to market with products ahead of April.

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Clive Bolton, Aviva

Profile: Aviva's Clive Bolton on solving the small pots challenge

29 January 2015 | By Sam Brodbeck

The industry needs to crack the £50k pot problem, says the Aviva retirement solutions chief.

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Profile: Morningstar's Dan Kemp on why fund managers are like poker players

22 January 2015 | By Michael Berry

Morningstar’s Dan Kemp explains why great managers are like poker players and how investment banks undervalue theologians.

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Richard Graham MP

Profile: MP Richard Graham on buying into pension freedoms

15 January 2015 | By Sam Brodbeck

Conservative MP and former asset manager Richard Graham bemoans regulation that he says is holding back much needed innovation


Profile: Chadney Bulgin's David Thomas sets out his vision for PFS members

8 January 2015 | By Tessa Norman

The Personal Finance Society president sets out his stall for his year-long tenure 


Barry O'Dwyer: 'We are too good as an industry at having a pop at one another’

18 December 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Standard Life’s managing director, adviser and workplace, on pulling together to solve post-pension reform advice problems 

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Liz Field 620x430

Profile: 'Another piece of the jigsaw falls into place every time I have a consultation with someone'

11 December 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

New WMA chief executive Liz Field on her whirlwind first few months in the job 

John Pollock 2014

Profile: L&G pensions boss John Pollock on post-Budget challenges

4 December 2014 | By Sam Brodbeck

L&G Assurance Society chief executive John Pollock on the Budget bombshell and why the FCA needs to focus less on individuals and more on society

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Profile: Tony Yousefian looks back on an eventful year

28 November 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Tony Yousefian takes stock on an eventful year for his CV


Profile: Tony Langham – 'Advisers and the Money Advice Service need each other'

20 November 2014 | By Samuel Dale

Lansons chief executive Tony Langham tells advisers not to be in constant conflict with the MAS and to spend more on lobbying

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Profile: Adviser Justin King on 'flogging policies' vs financial planning

13 November 2014 | By Tessa Norman

MFP Wealth Management managing director says advice without qualifications felt like being a second-hand car salesman

O Brien

Profile: Tenet's Mike O'Brien on the pension complaints time bomb

6 November 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Pension reform is an opportunity and a struggle for the industry

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Profile: Malcolm Kerr on the importance of honest advice

30 October 2014 | By Tessa Norman

EY senior adviser Malcolm Kerr: “Sometimes you have to tell people a deal is ugly.”

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Profile: OMGI's Stephen Message on running £1bn at age of 25

17 October 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Presented with a job at the age of 25, Stephen Message’s path to fund management is not an orthodox one


Profile: Pilot's Ian Thomas argues FCA should go faster on turning off trail

10 October 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Pilot Financial Planning managing director Ian Thomas discusses escaping the corporate world and finding his advice niche.

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Profile: Mike Balfour on why Thomas Miller Investment's acquisition of Broadstone is a big deal

2 October 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

TMI’s chief executive is preparing to integrate two businesses.


Profile: Richard Hobbs on the 'dull message' of advice and auto-enrol risks

25 September 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Regulatory consultant Richard Hobbs on compliance risks and influencing Government. 


Profile: Rowanmoor boss Ian Hammond on 50 years in pensions

18 September 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Rowanmoor MD Ian Hammond reflects on his career in the “over-political and over-regulated” world of pensions

Cholwill-Martin-RLAM-2014 620x430.jpg

Profile: RLAM's Martin Cholwill on why cashflow is king and dodging the actuary life

11 September 2014 | By Michael Berry

Royal London manager Martin Cholwill’s UK Equity Income fund has collected £220m more cash than its nearest rival over the past year

Critchley-George-True Bearing- 2014

Profile: George Critchley on online advice and why it's good for DFMs to talk to clients

5 September 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

True Bearing Chartered chairman George Citchley talks about filling the advice gap and outsourcing through discretionary fund management.


Profile: Bellpenny chief Kevin Ronaldson on recent deals and corporate politics

27 August 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Joining the financial advice sector at the age of 21, Bellpenny chief executive Kevin Ronaldson says he was considered something of a rebel

Ian Taylor

Profile: Transact CEO Ian Taylor on the platform's exit strategy

11 August 2014 | By Michael Glenister

Having blazed the trail for the UK wrap market 15 years ago, the RDR and its many unintended consequences are presenting fresh challenges for Transact as CEO Ian Taylor seeks his exit route.


Profile: MP Steve Baker on tax, freedom and ‘Kremlin-ology’ at the Bank of England

31 July 2014 | By Steve Tolley

Conservative MP Steve Baker says Government intervention in the economy is undermining freedom.

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Profile: Miton's David Jane reveals plans for his new funds

25 July 2014 | By Jon Yarker

In his first interview since joining Miton, David Jane speaks to Money Marketing  about pride and pragmatism.


Profile: Tony Boorman on judging complaints and the human side of the FOS

17 July 2014 | By Tessa Norman

FOS interim chief executive Tony Boorman on getting to the heart of complaints and modernising the ombusman

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Alistair Cunningham

Profile: Alistair Cunningham on specialising and why social media is like the man in the pub

10 July 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Differentiation from other advisers is key for the Wingate FInancial Planning director. 


Profile: Pete Matthew on how advisers should use social media to raise them above the crowd

3 July 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Jacksons Wealth Management managing director Pete Matthew says advisers have nothing to lose and everything to gain from social media.

Mike Thornton MP 700 x 450

Profile: MP Mike Thornton on guidance, automated advice and impossible targets

19 June 2014 | By Steve Tolley

Lib Dem MP and Work and Pensions select committee member says ‘there’s no such thing as guidance’.

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Profile: Claire Walsh on moving jobs and talking plain English

12 June 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Unbiased winner Claire Walsh’s recent job move reunites her with the man who helped her into the advice industry

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