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Is the mortgage market ready for a return to 100% LTV deals?

11 March 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers are divided over the prospect of no-deposit mortgages returning to the market. 

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Mortgage bodies play down BoE rate cut fears

20 February 2015 | By Mark Sands

Mortgage trade bodies have shed doubt on fears that the Bank of England is about to cut interest rates.

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Chris Hannant: Will Budget reforms boost retirement engagement?

19 January 2015

There will be reasons for both optimism and concern this year.

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FCA interior 620x430

How to deal with FCA compliance guarantees

16 January 2015

How should firms deal with a request and the potential consequences?

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Richard Leeson: Getting it right on compliant EIS advice

13 January 2015

At first glance, enterprise investment schemes seem a nightmare for the small IFA.

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Danby Bloch: Getting it right on management information

8 January 2015

The introduction of adviser charging has changed the way important data should be collected.


Can advisers rise from the ashes of trail blaze?

8 January 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Losing trail commission could have far-reaching consequences for small advice firms and their clients.

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Alan Hughes: The lessons to be learned from Sesame 'pay to play' fine

20 November 2014

The lessons to be learned from the regulator’s recent decisions on inducements


Tony Mudd: Long-term care requires joined-up thinking

20 November 2014

With great responsibility comes the need for collaboration


FCA: What we are doing to prevent future fund collapses

21 October 2014

Our new cradle-to-grave fund supervision team will help us spot risks earlier.

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Adam Samuel: Don't fall into the products trap

14 October 2014

FSCS levy payers have an interest in ensuring new products come under scrutiny.

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'Danger' in advice to borrowers to suspend pension payments

1 October 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Lenders’ policies on pension contributions are pushing some to consider ceasing payments. 

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Linda Smith: Advising cross border within the EU

25 September 2014

In the coming years, we are likely to see the debate about the UK’s place in the European Union intensify.


Why did the Scottish No campaign not talk about mortgage uncertainty?

18 September 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers argue that the uncertainty around a currency split and mortgage lending should have been a main feature of the No campaign

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Richard Leeson: RDR poses pitfalls for asset gatherers

16 September 2014

The asset-gathering business model is a potential cause for concern, particularly when it comes to product suitability

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Adam Samuel: Wielding the power of attorney

29 August 2014

Grey areas can emerge when trying to meet the interests of your customers, especially in areas such as power of attorney


Falling securitisation costs could spark wave of new lenders

29 August 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Proposed changes to the Solvency II directive would bring down the cost of securitising, which some say will lead to new lenders.


Ian McKenna: Would guidance be better as a short-term fix?

26 August 2014

A huge amount of time and money is about to be spent because the Chancellor did not fully think through the implication of the guidance guarantee. 

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Financial planning is not just a marketing label

17 July 2014

Use the quieter summer months to determine which areas of your business might benefit from a modular charging structure

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Adam Samuel: The problem with high net worth clients

15 July 2014

Higher net worth clients may seem desirable but can pose all kinds of compliance and legal problems.

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Meeting the FCA's rules on costs disclosure

6 July 2014

The FCA has indicated increasing intolerance for non-compliance, so we are likely to see regulatory action if there is no improvement.

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Richard Leeson: Lack of asset due diligence is prompting complaints

19 June 2014

Advisers sometimes overlook the appropriateness of underlying risk assets, resulting in complaints.

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Foot Anstey: Non-compete clauses - the most powerful weapon for employers

27 May 2014

Non-competition clauses are typically kept short but a recent High Court decision upheld a 12 month non-competition covenant.


Peter Hamilton: How should advisers correct mistakes?

12 May 2014

Financial services businesses can usually rely on written communications to correct a genuine error but firms should take care to ensure all communications are fair

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Alan Hughes: The FCA pulls few punches on disclosure failings

28 April 2014

Firms which continue to fail to set out charges clearly can expect to get short shrift from the regulator.


Cover story: And they’re off

MM Retirement Supp April 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Karl Dines Peach 250x255

Karl Dines: Plan ahead to reward your future self

8 January 2015

In the first of a monthly series helping advisers prepare for the sunset clause, we look at how to utilise time assets.


Phil Wickenden: Segmentation challenges

11 December 2014

Advisers can no longer afford to treat all clients as equal

Spotlight on regulation: More clarification needed

4 December 2014

Despite a recent FCA paper on the subject, it seems unlikely many simplified advice models will launch anytime soon


Richard Leeson: Advisers, providers and client satisfaction

13 November 2014

The FCA is intent on examining advisers’ delivery of service commitments more closely


Is the Bank of England overstepping the regulatory mark on LTVs?

10 October 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers say the BoE has once again confused the market with its latest request for powers to control loan-to-value ratios

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Roderic Rennison: Understanding and managing conduct risk

9 October 2014

The FCA has made it clear it is determined to create a culture of good conduct at every level of the financial services industry


What drove the pre-MMR non-income verified sales surge?

3 October 2014 | By Devraj Ray

The FCA claims lenders “filled their boots” on non-income verified mortgage sales in the final run-up to the Mortgage Market Review.


Peter Hamilton: Reasonable doubts over FOS rulings

2 October 2014

The law is relatively well understood, but it’s difficult to know how the FOS will decide that same problem based on what is fair and reasonable. 


Compliance tip of the week: Don't play the blame game

2 October 2014

Do what you can to prevent a recurrence of the situation or reduce the damage caused.


Sort the staging backlog to avert auto-enrolment disaster

25 September 2014

The Government and The Pensions Regulator need to tackle non-compliance with AE staging dates.


Simon Collins: Is your social media use misleading the public?

18 September 2014

Technological developments and the way we communicate have understandably had a major impact on the financial services industry.

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Compliance tip of the week: Don’t allow fantasists in your firm

18 September 2014

A common theme behind compliance disasters is the high prevalence of “fantasist” behaviour

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Compliance tip of the week: Draw up your own client agreements

4 September 2014

Draft your own procedures and client agreements. This may save your business and help you make a lot more money. 

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