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Peter Hamilton: Avoid 'open-ended advice' with your terms of business

14 April 2014

Take care when drafting terms of business agreements to clearly define the scope of advice and service provided by a firm.

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Compliance tip of the week: Research your products

16 April 2014

Research products and their associated risks. Do not allow product providers to sell to you. Many of the major misselling incidents of recent years had at their heart a very successful salesman flogging his product to IFAs. All too often, the adviser had no idea what was in the product or the risks to which anyone holding it was exposed.


Compliance tip of the week: Needs and wishes are not the same

3 April 2014

Advisers have to be prepared to advise clients to follow a course of action they do not want to

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One year on from the RDR, demand for investment advice is strong

27 March 2014

The RDR has had relatively little impact on the demand for advice and despite the greater regulatory burden, advisers look set to benefit from more sustainable income


Why are lenders so reluctant to lend to older people?

13 March 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Mortgage brokers warn about the “failings of the mortgage market” in providing solutions for borrowers in later life

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Protecting a business's intellectual property

6 March 2014

Ensuring employees are clear where and when intellectual property rights apply can help prevent costly litigation when advisers leave a firm

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Do we need more curbs on fund manager pay?

6 March 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Experts say new European rules on fund manager pay do little to add to current UK regulation

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Losing interest

6 March 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers say the regulatory clampdown on interest-only mortgages has gone too far


Can a local council take on estate agents?

27 February 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers questioned whether a local authority has the necessary clout to oversee the relationship between estate agents and in-house brokers.

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Simplicity is the key for successful adviser businesses

23 January 2014

One year on from the RDR, successful adviser firms can be seen to share many characteristics, says Heartwood Investment Management’s Mark Rockliffe.

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2014 fireworks

What advisers want in 2014

31 December 2013 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Advisers reveal what’s on their wish lists for financial services for the new year.

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A year in regulation: RDR, record fines and a watchdog that bites

24 December 2013 | By Tessa Norman

A string of record fines, the introduction of the RDR and the replacement of the FSA with the FCA have made for an eventful 12 months

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The locust beaters

21 November 2013 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers says the power to fine rogue claim management firms is long overdue.

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Avoiding a UK Fannie Mae

14 November 2013 | By Devraj Ray

CML chairman warns government not to get “addicted” to the success of Help to Buy and to get an exit strategy in place


Adviser charging: The story so far

7 November 2013

Advisers are basing charges on market trends rather than client research and cost of delivery

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Lenders caught between capital rules and lending

31 October 2013 | By Devraj Ray

Increases to capital requirements could see banks pull back from high LTV lending.

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Broker threat from unregulated packagers

10 October 2013 | By Devraj Ray

Industry backs call for clampdown on unregulated packagers advising clients


Mortgage fees are not so scandalous, say brokers

3 October 2013 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers say there is no basis to Chris Leslie’s claims that mortgage fees are the “next big scandal”.


Linda Smith: Making referrals and retaining independent status

5 September 2013

APFA’s senior technical adviser looks at when it is appropriate for independent firms to refer clients to external firms for advice.

Is the FCA doing enough to tackle unauthorised firms?

22 August 2013 | By Natalie Holt

Money Marketing research finds many firms which the regulator has issued warnings about still operate live websites

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Clarity beyond pension simplification

8 August 2013

Pension simplification started in December 2002 with the publication of a green paper from the Inland Revenue, entitled Simplifying the Taxation of Pensions – Increasing Choice and Flexibility for All. The plans became reality on April 6, 2006 and the rest, as they say, is history.

No time for delay on auto-enrolment

8 August 2013

Good things don’t come to those who wait.

Terence Dickens: Both advisers and providers can be liable if SIpp investments fail

25 July 2013

The FCA has promised that Sipp investments will be put under the microscope, with advisers and providers both potentially liable if anything has gone wrong.

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JLT on why it's an exciting time for annuity brokers

11 July 2013 | By John Greenwood

Not only is auto-enrolment creating upwards of seven million more potential new customers - we also have Labour calling for annuity brokers’ services to be made available to every retiree in the land.

David Shelton: New research shows opportunities for business growth

4 July 2013

Some will go online but many will want face to face advice.

The death of bank advice: more than just the RDR to blame?

23 May 2013 | By Honor Whiteman

The RDR has been blamed for the demise of bancassurance but are the banks out of the mass market for good?

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How behavioural economics can keep on the right side of the FCA

23 May 2013

The FCA is keen to see behavioural economics adopted by financial services firms and there are many ways that financial advisers can use to 

Regulatory costs will lead to adviser backlash

16 May 2013

Deloitte lead RDR partner Andrew Power gives his view on the RDR and outlines what successful IFA practices will look like. Interview by Cherry Reynard.

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Cost focus misses the point

25 April 2013

The RDR is leading to advice being withdrawn for ordinary members of the public 

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