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Protection Brief: CI Expert: Rebroking is not churning

27 March 2014

Although many compliance officers are reluctant to consider the rebroking of critical-illness plans, using careful analysis can show when clients would clearly benefit from a change


Protection Brief: Why are mutuals leading the way for protection innovation?

27 March 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

The large insurers are lagging behind mutuals when it comes to innovation in the protection market


Ian McKenna: Zurich's app is a great leap in case tracking

26 March 2014

While the rest of the industry is stuck in the past, Zurich’s use of mobile technology makes advisers’ lives a whole lot easier by helping tackle the problem of case tracking

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The growth in self-employment presents advice opportunities

13 February 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Building a business may be your client’s dream, but the self-employed face specific financial planning problems.

CI-diagnosis-medical-check up-protection

Partial critical illness payments are only half the story

11 February 2014

Advisers need to consider how and when insurers make partial payments not just that they are included in a critical illness policy.

Key man-organisation-leadership

Danby Bloch: Advising on key person insurance – covering the angles

9 January 2014

It is worth getting up to speed on the details and advantages of key man insurance for corporate clients.


Will friendly societies benefit from mutual respect?

28 November 2013 | By Amanda Newman Smith

From their origins as welfare providers, friendly societies have always had a more personal approach to financial services and although they are having to adapt to the modern world this approach is paying off.

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Protection industry needs to rise to auto-enrolment challenge

28 November 2013

After years with little progress in closing the protection gap, auto-enrolment could offer a chance for real progress.


Is technology the only medicine for a flagging protection market?

28 November 2013

The last 12 months have seen a noticeable decline in protection sales. Is technology the remedy that the market needs?


Protection problems for post-65 workers

1 October 2013 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Can the protection industry cater for people who work past age 65? Amanda Newman Smith finds out.

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Nick Kirwan: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get LTC right

13 September 2013

People need to get the right information and advice at the right time. 


Protection sales are not benefiting from the mortgage boom

12 September 2013 | By Gregor Watt

Mortgage sales have rebounded strongly in 2013 but so far the protection market has not experienced any knock-on effect

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Case study: Protecting clients with holistic advice

29 August 2013

A holistic approach to financal planning could help advisers tackle difficult subjects with their clients, such as adequate protection for their family.

CI Expert: Getting the right policy for breast cancer

25 July 2013

The number of partial payment enhancements to CI cover in recent years have led to some large differences between the level of cover for breast cancer.


Looking to investment bonds to offset inflation

25 July 2013

Inflation is likely to remain a concern for some time but opting to use an investment bond offers savers a headstart to beat inflation, says L&G’s John Chew.

Helping business owners safeguard the future of their business

25 July 2013

It is not just individual protection where there is protection gap, businesses and business owners also need to ensure they have sufficient cover, says L&G’s Clare Harrop.

The attraction of simplicity

25 July 2013 | By Gregor Watt

An increase in the number of simple protection products should be seen as a good thing if it increases people’s engagement with with protection.

Should advisers outsource their protection administration?

30 May 2013 | By Honor Whiteman

With the RDR forcing advisers to take stock of their businesses, is outsourcing an option for protection?

Neil McCarthy: A smarter application process works for everyone

30 May 2013

A new protection quotation system could streamline the application process, improve customer expectations and help boost convertion rates.

CI Expert: Children's cover for CI

30 May 2013

Critical illness cover for children is an often overlooked but valuable addition to parents’ CI policies.

Case Study: What impact will the Consumer Insurance Act have?

16 May 2013

The new insurance act should formalise what most insurers have been doing for years.

The whole story

9 May 2013

Many advisers consider whole of life cover to be an expensive IHT planning tool but a new generation of products means it can be a much more flexible planning tool.

Apfa: Advisers must note changes to insurance law

18 April 2013

The new Consumer Insurance Act places the responsibility for non-disclosure firmly on to insurers.

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