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FOS reports drop in complaints but Sipp cases surge

22 July 2014 9:07 am | By Tom Selby

The Financial Ombudsman Service has reported a 46 per cent drop in year-on-year complaints between April and June.

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Advisers and life offices targeted by bogus protection callers

10 July 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Bogus callers posing as protection customers have been contacting advisers and providers.

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Forester Life cuts ties with advisers after trail switch-off

9 July 2014 4:07 pm | By Devraj Ray

Advisers cannot obtain client valuations following changes in April that saw firm cease paying trail commission.

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Aviva pays out 93% of IP claims

7 July 2014 1:11 pm | By Devraj Ray

Total payout during 2013 was £12.9m

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Martin Werth: The case against higher protection commission

24 July 2014

Underwriting and the current pay structure are holding back protection sales.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards: Govt must focus on addressing the protection gap

21 July 2014

With one of the worst protection gaps in Europe, what will it take to address the issue? 

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Robert Sinclair: Loan-linked insurance cover is never free

30 June 2014

Loan-linked insurance cover is never, as providers may claim, free as someone always bears the liability.


Ian McKenna: Is wearable tech the future of healthcare?

27 June 2014

Not just an insight to one’s own health, wearable technology can monitor stress, identifying the times when people might make the best financial decisions.

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Neil McCarthy: Start-ups soar yet business protection remains woefully low

25 June 2014

Commercial start-ups in Britain had a record year in 2013 but the need for business protection still proves to be too challenging a concept.


Richard Verdin: Let's talk about 'it'

24 June 2014

As an industry we should be encouraging as many people as possible to think consciously and deliberately about the financial risks they face and to then provide potential solutions.

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CI Expert: What triggers protection complaints

22 May 2014

Looking at the FOS’s published complaints decisions gives a good idea of what causes protection complaints and how the ombudsman views the issues

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Ian McKenna: How tech is bringing advice home

20 May 2014

Technology is allowing consumers to remotely access documents while their adviser talks them through it and even sign agreements while ensuring security is not compromised.


How the IPTF is hoping seven families can shake-up protection

1 May 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Campaign to set out stall to secure funding from providers


Protection Brief: Why are mutuals leading the way for protection innovation?

27 March 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

The large insurers are lagging behind mutuals when it comes to innovation in the protection market

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