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Labour sets out concerns over Budget pension reforms

23 September 2014 11:26 am | By Samuel Dale

Labour has come under pressure from internal critics of the Government’s pension reforms.

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MAS chief raises concerns over adviser ethics

23 September 2014 10:14 am | By Samuel Dale

MAS chief executive Caroline Rookes says the FCA will be tougher on those delivering pensions advice.

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BBA urges Bank to exclude HNW clients from LTI cap

22 September 2014 4:12 pm | By Devraj Ray

Bankers trade body says LTI cap will unfairly penalise private banks and high net worth clients.


Fabian Society urges Labour to reverse Budget reforms

22 September 2014 3:49 pm | By Sam Brodbeck

Fabian Society says the pension revolution “must be dismantled within weeks of Labour gaining power”.

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Should pensions guidance be made compulsory?

22 September 2014 3:44 pm | By Samuel Dale

Pension experts suggest pensions guidance may not go far enough in its current form.

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Will MAS change its name to deliver pensions guidance?

22 September 2014 3:38 pm | By Samuel Dale

Pensions expert Laurie Edmans says the term advice has been given a very narrow meaning.

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Labour would keep cutting child benefit until 2017

22 September 2014 12:35 pm | By Samuel Dale

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls says he is making tough decisions to “balance the books”.

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IMA says FCA must distinguish between advice and guidance

22 September 2014 11:56 am | By Pamela Morris

Government proposals to set up a pension guidance service for savers on retirement must set a clear boundary between what is regulated advice and guidance.

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Lloyds director says 30% of new builds reliant on Help to Buy

22 September 2014 11:28 am | By Samuel Dale

Lloyds Banking Group says 6 per cent of its lending is reliant on the Help to Buy equity loan scheme.

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Labour plays down Govt role to boost protection

22 September 2014 9:09 am | By Samuel Dale

Shadow financial secretary Cathy Jamieson says Government should not intervene.


Scots to get extra powers despite 'English votes' row

22 September 2014 8:48 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Prime Minister David Cameron is hosting a summit to tackle Scottish MPs’ voting rights on English issues.

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Labour makes £8 mininum wage pledge

22 September 2014 8:44 am | By Samuel Dale

Labour leader Ed Miliband opened his party’s conference in Manchester with a promise to increase the minimum wage from £6.31.

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Alex Salmond resigns as Scottish first minister

19 September 2014 4:18 pm | By Samuel Dale

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has stepped down after the referendum defeat this morning.

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UK commissioner could signal new era of less burdensome EU rules

19 September 2014 1:00 pm | By Tessa Norman

Trade bodies welcome appointment of Lord Hill as financial services commissioner.

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Devo-max: How will David Cameron's shake-up affect advisers?

19 September 2014 12:44 pm | By Samuel Dale

Prime minister David Cameron has promised devolved powers for all four nations of the UK.

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SFE: More tax powers can boost competition of Scottish financial firms

19 September 2014 10:59 am | By Pamela Morris in Edinburgh

Scottish Financial Enterprise chief executive Owen Kelly said more devolved powers around tax could make Scotland a “very competitive” part of the UK.


Estate agents: 'No vote will boost Scottish housing market'

19 September 2014 10:51 am | By Devraj Ray

Estate agents’ trade body says No vote will give greater clarity for Scottish buyers and lead to a ’less frenetic’ housing market.


Scottish groups push FTSE up as independence fears subside

19 September 2014 9:13 am | By Sam Macdonald

Royal Bank of Scotland up 3.5 per cent and Lloyds Banking Group share price rise 2 per cent at 9:05AM.


Scotland votes No - but what next for the union?

19 September 2014 8:38 am | By Pamela Morris in Edinburgh

Prime Minister David Cameron this morning pledged to give additional powers to the rest of the UK regions as well as Scotland.


Scotland votes No to independence

19 September 2014 6:59 am | By Pamela Morris in Edinburgh

The No campaign has won 55 per cent to 45 per cent against the pro-independence campaign.

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Godfrey Bloom: Ukip should do more to tackle financial regulation

18 September 2014 1:04 pm | By Samuel Dale

Former Ukip financial services spokesman Godfrey Bloom says the party is focussing solely on EU regulation.

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Labour Budget

Is Labour preparing to overturn George Osborne's pensions revolution?

18 September 2014 8:30 am | By Tom Selby, Samuel Dale

Insurers have held behind-closed-doors meetings about the political risk attached to Chancellor George Osborne’s pension revolution.

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NIESR: Scotland's currency 'plan B' would fail within a year

17 September 2014 11:03 am | By Pamela Morris in Edinburgh

If Scotland opts to use the pound unilaterally and walks away from its share of UK debt this could lead to “unprecedented” austerity, NIESR warns.

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Unemployment falls again to 6.2%

17 September 2014 10:21 am | By Samuel Dale

The ONS reports nearly half a million jobs have been created in the last year.


Inflation falls to 1.5%

16 September 2014 10:12 am | By Michael Berry

CPI inflation fell from 1.6 per cent in July to 1.5 per cent in August.


Party leaders in last ditch Scottish devolution pledge

16 September 2014 8:26 am | By Tessa Norman

Leaders promise “extensive new powers” for Scotland in the event of a No vote. 

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Woodford says Scottish debate will impact UK even if 'No' prevails

15 September 2014 3:39 pm | By Pamela Morris in Edinburgh

The star manager warns that Devo Max powers for Scotland could mark the beginning of the “fragmentation of governance” within the UK.

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Former RBS chairman Mathewson pledges £20,000 to 'Yes' campaign

15 September 2014 3:37 pm | By Pamela Morris

George Mathewson is the honorary president of Yes Scotland.


The battle for Scotland: What does it all mean for advisers?

15 September 2014 9:45 am | By Samuel Dale

A flurry of change in Scotland could see a drastically different world for advisers and their clients.

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Concerns over pension scheme deficits for independent Scotland

15 September 2014 8:50 am | By Tessa Norman

Final salary schemes may have to be fully funded if an independent Scotland joins the EU. 

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Budget tax rules create small pots loophole

12 September 2014 9:30 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Experts say measures to stop people exploiting tax relief on pension contributions go against the logic of the Government’s effort to solve the problem of small pension pots.

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IMF weighs in with Scotland Yes vote concerns

12 September 2014 8:59 am | By Michael Berry

The Washington-based fund says it does not want to comment on the political process underway, but it believes a yes vote would cause uncertainty for the UK market.

Anne Begg

MPs launch auto-enrolment inquiry after Budget overhaul

11 September 2014 5:30 pm | By Sam Brodbeck

Report will assess implications of the Budget and plans for collective schemes.


Aegon set to join exodus if Scotland votes for independence

11 September 2014 4:30 pm | By Sam Brodbeck

Insurer draws up plans for new life company registered in England.

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Labour peer: Treasury must set minimum qualification standards for guidance

11 September 2014 1:18 pm | By Steve Tolley

Labour peer Lord Kennedy says FCA’s expectation that those delivering guidance set their own standards is not good enough.

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Aberdeen Gilbert Martin Gilbert 700x450

Martin Gilbert: 'An independent Scotland would be a big success'

11 September 2014 11:08 am | By Pamela Morris in Edinburgh

The chief executive of Aberdeen Asset Management said he would not reveal his vote in the Scottish referendum on 18 September.

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Lloyds and RBS to move if Scotland votes for independence

11 September 2014 8:30 am | By Tom Selby

Banking giants Lloyds and RBS have confirmed they could move their headquarters to England if Scotland votes to leave the UK in next week’s referendum.

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Juncker hands EU financial services commissioner role to UK

10 September 2014 12:44 pm | By Tessa Norman

Former leader of the House of Lords Jonathan Hill handed role. 

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Standard Life sets out contingency plans ahead of Scottish independence vote

10 September 2014 11:34 am | By Tom Selby

The Edinburgh-based insurer has been outspoken about the uncertainty a Yes vote will create for the financial services sector.

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Independence could alter course of BoE policy, warn experts

10 September 2014 10:54 am | By Pamela Morris in Edinburgh

Experts say the central bank may take “a more stimulus stance” on monetary policy while an interest rate rise could also be pushed back.

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