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David Cameron pledges to 'keep mortgage rates low'

2 March 2015 4:41 pm | By Devraj Ray

PM also pledges to build 200,000 “cut-price” homes by 2020.


Research: One-in-ten savers plan to buy an annuity post-April

2 March 2015 10:57 am | By Mark Sands

Just over one-in-ten people with a defined contribution private or company pension are planning to buy an annuity, according to figures from Yougov.

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Danny Alexander

LibDems target £1bn bank levy in final Coalition Budget

2 March 2015 8:54 am | By Tom Selby

The Liberal Democrats are pushing for reforms to raise an extra £1bn from banks to be included in the final Coalition Budget later this month.

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Labour under fire over pensions tax raid plans

27 February 2015 4:43 pm | By Mark Sands

Labour’s plans to cut lifetime and annual allowances for tax-free pension savings have been slammed by the industry.

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Labour plans annual and lifetime pension allowance cuts

27 February 2015 1:12 pm | By Mark Sands

Labour leader Ed Miliband has laid out plans to cut pensions tax reliefs in order to fund a £3,000 reduction in university tuition fees.

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MP warns protection damaged by 'toxic' reputation

27 February 2015 8:52 am | By Mark Sands

Protection products are being harmed by consumer distrust following the PPI scandal according to Jonathan Evans MP.

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Crackdown: Politicians set their sights on tax avoidance

27 February 2015 8:30 am | By Mark Sands

A growing political consensus could result in aggressive new tax legislation regardless of the winner of this year’s election.

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Osborne attacked over £1.7bn EU bill cut claim

27 February 2015 8:08 am | By Mark Sands

Government claims of halving a £1.7bn EU bill were exaggerated, MPs say.


HMRC reaches deal to share Falciani tax dodging data

26 February 2015 11:17 am | By Mark Sands

UK tax authorities have reached agreement over sharing data on HSBC-aided tax evasion.


HSBC bosses blame Swiss managers for tax avoidance failures

26 February 2015 10:00 am | By Mark Sands

HSBC’s chairman and chief executive have blamed Swiss-based relationship managers for aiding alleged tax-evasion in the mid 2000s.

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Govt refuses to disclose pension guidance take-up estimate

26 February 2015 9:30 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Reforms risk “descending into chaos” unless Government publishes estimate.

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Rising from the ashes: Will annuities recover from Osborne's Budget bombshell?

26 February 2015 8:30 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Provider predicts annuities will hit pre-Budget levels in just two years’ time.

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Just Retirement targets pension freedoms with simplified platform launch

26 February 2015 | By Sam Brodbeck

Savers will be able to buy an annuity and keep a “rainy day” fund through the platform.


Labour to roll allowances into 50% banker bonus tax

25 February 2015 11:19 am | By Mark Sands

Labour will include allowances in a 50 per cent one-off tax on banker bonuses designed to fund a compulsory jobs guarantee.

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Just Retirement targets pension freedoms with simplified platform launch

25 February 2015 8:59 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Savers will be able to buy an annuity and keep a “rainy day” fund through the platform.


ABI warns Govt 'not ready' for pension freedoms

25 February 2015 8:57 am | By Sam Brodbeck

The pensions industry is being hampered in its efforts to be ready for the pension reforms because crucial details remain unanswered by the Government, the ABI says.

Danny Alexander

Lib Dems eye harsh penalties for aiding tax evasion

23 February 2015 12:03 pm | By Mark Sands

Party is planning a new criminal offence of corporate failure to prevent tax evasion.

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Lloyds set to resume dividend payouts

23 February 2015 8:45 am | By Devraj Ray

The bank has not paid a dividend since receiving a Government bailout in 2008.

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ABI sets out 'nudge' tactics for pensions guidance

23 February 2015 8:37 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Report recommends “cooling off” periods if savers take too much of their pension pot at once.

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Government borrowing surplus hits 7-year low in January

21 February 2015 1:59 pm | By Philip Scott

Government accounts show a surplus of £8.8bn lst month.


Govt opens married tax break registrations

20 February 2015 10:10 am | By Mark Sands

Married couples can now register with HMRC to take advantage of a new tax break.


Govt urged to default savers into deferred annuities

20 February 2015 9:05 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Centre for Policy Studies calls for ‘auto-protection’ to protect people at risk from running out of cash.

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Germany spurns Greek bailout proposals ahead of final talks

20 February 2015 9:01 am | By Mark Sands

Germany has rejected proposals for a short-term extension of Greece’s bailout ahead of further negotiations today.

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FCA under pressure to water down 'second line of defence' rules

19 February 2015 9:30 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Exclude small pots and Pension Wise users from additional protection requirement, says The People’s Pension.


MPC unanimous on rates as it eyes inflation target

18 February 2015 12:05 pm | By Devraj Ray

Minutes show committee was in agreement on interest rates for secon month in a row.


Swiss police raid HSBC’s Geneva base

18 February 2015 10:14 am | By Mark Sands

Swiss police have raided the Geneva offices of HSBC in an investigation into alledged money-laundering at the bank.


Greece seeks bailout extension

18 February 2015 8:44 am | By Mark Sands

Country to request short-term stay on its bailout terms despite talks collapsing earlier this week.

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HMRC ad campaign

HMRC yet to contact police over HSBC tax evasion

18 February 2015 8:17 am | By Mark Sands

Revenue promised to meet “relevant authorities” over HSBC last week.

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Friends Life backs Steve Webb's pension tax relief reform plan

17 February 2015 4:45 pm | By Sam Brodbeck

Minimum employee pension contributions should rise to 6 per cent, insurer says.

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Inflation slides to lowest annual rate on record

17 February 2015 10:14 am | By Mark Sands

Inflation has fallen to the lowest 12-month rate on record according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

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Citizens Advice recruits second wave of guidance staff

17 February 2015 9:34 am | By Tessa Norman

Citizens Advice says it has recruited 150 Pension Wise staff so far. 

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Greek bailout extension talks collapse

17 February 2015 8:46 am | By Mark Sands

Negotiations over Greece’s European debts stand on the brink with just over ten days before its bailout expires.

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CBI boosts UK growth forecast on inflation slip

16 February 2015 1:10 pm | By Mark Sands

British industry is set to benefit from falling energy prices, according to the CBI.


Almost half say Tory funding ‘dodgy and disreputable’

16 February 2015 12:58 pm | By Mark Sands

Almost half of the UK distrusts Conservative funding, according to a YouGov survey, while one-in-three hold the same doubts of Labour.

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'Deflationary spiral' fears blocked BoE interest rate hike

16 February 2015 9:16 am | By Mark Sands

The Bank of England’s MPC voted against hiking interest rates in January in order to stave off fears of a “deflationary spiral”.

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EU to investigate tax policy of member states

13 February 2015 10:50 am | By Mark Sands

The EU is to investigate whether members are harming the public purse by altering tax policy to lure international business.

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Merkel says Greek 'compromise' deal possible

13 February 2015 9:48 am | By Philip Scott

German Chancellor says she will aim to reach deal on terms of Greek bailout.

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Troubled waters: Fears of political vacuum as election stagnation looms

13 February 2015 8:30 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Uncertainty of election results puts key financial policies in jeopardy, including pension freedoms.

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Labour to extend bankers’ bonus clawback to 10 years

13 February 2015 8:30 am | By Tessa Norman

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls says current clawback powers are ‘too weak’. 

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Pension wise logo

Experts brand Pension Wise website 'misleading'

12 February 2015 2:09 pm | By Tessa Norman, Sam Brodbeck

Guidance guarantee website criticised for misleading technical details and poor signposting to advice. 

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