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MP warns protection damaged by 'toxic' reputation

27 February 2015 8:52 am | By Mark Sands

Protection products are being harmed by consumer distrust following the PPI scandal according to Jonathan Evans MP.

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Crackdown: Politicians set their sights on tax avoidance

27 February 2015 8:30 am | By Mark Sands

A growing political consensus could result in aggressive new tax legislation regardless of the winner of this year’s election.

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Osborne attacked over £1.7bn EU bill cut claim

27 February 2015 8:08 am | By Mark Sands

Government claims of halving a £1.7bn EU bill were exaggerated, MPs say.


HMRC reaches deal to share Falciani tax dodging data

26 February 2015 11:17 am | By Mark Sands

UK tax authorities have reached agreement over sharing data on HSBC-aided tax evasion.

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Danby Bloch: Filling up on the pensioner bonds bribe

24 February 2015

Where does the generous proposition fit into financial planning?

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Malcolm McLean: Will Osborne be haunted by guidance 'guarantee' pledge?

17 February 2015

Was it wise to offer a “guarantee” of face-to-face guidance for all new retirees?

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Tradeable annuities: A lifeline for retirees or potential misselling disaster?

16 February 2015 | By Tom Selby

With a consultation on tradeable annuities seemingly imminent, Money Marketing’s Tom Selby asks: is it a good idea?

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Martin Bamford: What advisers can learn from the Green Party's economic policies

16 February 2015

Advisers could learn a thing or two from the Green Party’s economic policies.

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Nic Cicutti: Kids deserve better than this financial education mess

12 February 2015

The inability to co-operate between different organisations in teaching finance in schoos is dreadful.

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Paul Lewis: Advisers do not own 'advice' label

5 February 2015

Money Marketing’s newest columnist explains why he will continue to give ‘advice’ to the public.

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Budget 2014


Providers face huge financial hit from pensions guidance

31 March 2014 10:40 am | By Tessa Norman

Providers may be forced to run group sessions to keep costs down, say experts. 

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Brokers attack 'back of an envelope' Labour mansion tax plans

31 October 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers have slammed the Labour Party after it revealed its proposed mansion tax last week.


Is it time for major reform to how we tax property?

23 October 2014 | By Samuel Dale

Political parties are considering big reforms of stamp duty and wealth taxes.

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Why did the Scottish No campaign not talk about mortgage uncertainty?

18 September 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers argue that the uncertainty around a currency split and mortgage lending should have been a main feature of the No campaign

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Lack of direction: Govt's guidance on long-term care advice falls short

11 July 2014 | By Steve Tolley

Advisers and providers believe the Government’s long-term care guidelines are too broad and don’t do enough to aid self-funders.

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