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Freedom and choice for all? Providers review early encashment penalties on Budget reforms

1 August 2014 1:00 pm | By Tom Selby

Experts warn people with legacy pension plans could still effectively be excluded from the Budget freedoms.

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Pensions regulator reports rise in auto-enrolment compliance cases

1 August 2014 12:39 pm | By Michael Glenister

Regulator uses report to warn that LLP partners fall within auto-enrolment rules.


Pensions liberation: How scams are mutating post-Budget

1 August 2014 8:30 am | By Steve Tolley

Experts say pension liberators are employing increasingly sophisticated models to avoid regulatory scrutiny.

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Guardian acquires £1.7bn of annuity assets from Phoenix

31 July 2014 5:17 pm | By Tessa Norman

Second transfer deal between Guardian Financial Services and Phoenix. 

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Providers face challenge in post-Budget default options

30 July 2014 | By Michael Glenister

How can providers design a default fund suitable for retirees given new pensions freedoms?


John Greenwood: Prepare for wholesale pensions tax relief reform

24 July 2014

While the entire industry is busy welcoming George Osborne’s pensions freedom with open arms, is anyone considering the potential £15bn hole it will leave in public finances? 

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Andrew Warwick-Thompson TPR

Andrew Warwick-Thompson: The devastating consequences of pension scams

24 July 2014

We must never lose sight of the impact pension scams have on victims and their families.

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MM leader: Will advisers pay the high price of guidance?

24 July 2014

The literature from the Treasury and the FCA this week did its best to reassure the financial services industry that guidance can be delivered successfully.

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Osborne must be bold on pensions guidance

18 July 2014 | By Steve Tolley

If the Chancellor wants the political cover guidance could bring it will have to be as bold as the pension freedom agenda.


Greg Kingston: The risks of holding commercial property in a Sipp

18 July 2014

It is disheartening that some Sipp providers have lobbied for commercial property to be a non-standard asset under forthcoming capital adequacy rules.

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FOS upholds complaint against Berkeley Burke over Ucis

25 July 2014 | By Tessa Norman

FOS ruled Berkeley Burke failed to carry out adequate due diligence on Ucis investment. 

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FOS reports drop in complaints but Sipp cases surge

22 July 2014 | By Tom Selby

The Financial Ombudsman Service has reported a 46 per cent drop in year-on-year complaints between April and June.

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FCA warns on ‘widespread’ failings in third Sipp thematic review

21 July 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Regulator urges Sipp operators to take action in ‘Dear CEO’ letter. 

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FCA refers two Sipp firms to enforcement

17 July 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Individuals at Sipp providers in process of being referred to enforcement following thematic review. 

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NAPF Conference


Steve Webb set to propose auto-enrol charge cap of less than 1%

18 October 2013 8:29 am | By Tom Selby

Pensions minister said the Government will publish a consultation on the best way to ensure people are not auto-enrolled into higher charging schemes.

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NAPF hints at annuity broker launch

17 October 2013 4:59 pm | By Tom Selby

Chief executive Joanne Segars has hinted the trade body could move into the annuity broking market


B&CE calls for auto-enrol charging standardisation

17 October 2013 4:21 pm | By Tom Selby

The pensions industry has come under growing pressure from politicians and industry commentators.

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Govt charge cap proposals


Govt announces retrospective auto-enrol adviser commission ban

27 March 2014 12:24 pm | By Tom Selby

Government is also capping charges on auto-enrolment default funds at 0.75 per cent from April 2015.


Govt to cap pension charges at 0.75% from April 2015

27 March 2014 11:59 am | By Tom Selby

Pensions minister Steve Webb confirms auto-enrolment charge cap will be in place before the general election.

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Govt to confirm pension charge cap plans today

27 March 2014 8:39 am | By Tom Selby

Pensions minister Steve Webb will make a statement in the House of Commons later today detailing minimum quality standards for auto-enrolment.

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Paul Resnick

Paul Resnik: Budget guidance puts advisers in role of question master

16 July 2014

What questions should advisers ask clients in the new world of flexible retirement?


Sean McSweeney: Employers face auto-enrolment compliance struggle

2 July 2014

With over 3.4 million UK workers now self-employed, many employers may overlook the inclusion of contractors within their auto-enrolment plans.


Will new pension rules lead to less saving?

19 June 2014

Behavioural economics presents interesting and deep-rooted lessons for us to learn as we make sense of the brave new world in pensions, paved by George Osborne in March’s Budget

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Billy Burrows: Solving the annuity puzzle

10 July 2014

There is nothing wrong with shopping around, but it is important to know what you are shopping for.

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