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Out of Context

OOC July 17

Out of context: I told her I was going down to London to talk about small pots. She said: ‘You don’t know anything about medicine!’

17 July 2014

“I told her I was going down to London to talk about small pots. She said: ‘You don’t know anything about medicine!’”

MM OOC July 10

Out of Context: “These boys are well trained at the FCA”

10 July 2014

“These boys are well trained at the FCA.”

MM Restaurant

Out of Context: "I ordered a meat platter and it was all veggie"

26 June 2014

Novia PR Pippa Russell is upset that a misleading description on the menu of a trendy West End bar failed to satisfy her carnivorous tastes

PR Transact

Out of Context: “I’m the chief executive officer of the People’s Republic of Transact.”

22 May 2014

During a London conference Transact boss Ian Taylor hints a revolution could be in the offing.

The Wells Street Journal: Out of Context

15 May 2014

“Are you brushing up against the lifetime allowance limit Tom?”

Whiplash OOC

Out of Context: “If you want to have a conversation about whiplash, we can”

8 May 2014

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls responds to Chancellor George Osborne’s jibes over a police investigation of a car accident Balls was involved in. 

OOC May 1 Stairlift

Out of Context: “My Nan never liked Stannah stair lifts - they drove her up the wall.”

1 May 2014

A J Bell’s Mike Morrison impresses an MM hack with his favourite pensions-based gag.

OOC Apr 24

Out of Context

24 April 2014

Partnership head of corporate affairs Jim Boyd tells an MM hack to take a head torch on an upcoming trip to India, and asks for the comment not be included in Out of Context. Sorry Jim

Mourinho OOC

Out of Context: “We’ve had more housing ministers recently than Chelsea managers”

17 April 2014

Paragon Mortgages chief executive Nigel Terrington says housing ministers should not be churned with the same frequency as Premier League football managers

OOC April 10

Out of Context: “I’m still waiting for a sports car to arrive with a bow on it”

10 April 2014

Pensions minister Steve Webb is still waiting for his gift from Lamborghini

MM Smash Hits

Out of Context: “It looks great. A bit like the old Smash Hits magazine!”

3 April 2014

Protection Review chief executive Kevin Carr has noticed a striking resemblance between the new MM and a now defunct music magazine.


Out of Context: “As Dr Evil puts it, there is still 'one trillion dollars' up for grabs.”

27 March 2014

Cazalet Consulting chief executive Ned Cazalet says there is still plenty of money to be made in the at-retirement market

MM ooc March 20

Out of Context

20 March 2014

Page Russell director Tim Page is later forced to clarify he wasn’t inviting MM hack Tessa Norman to that sort of club.

OOC March 13

Out of Context

13 March 2014 | By Michael Glenister

“There aren’t many people I will interrupt the washing up for but I will for you”

OOC Aviva

Out of Context: "I haven’t had to kick him under the table once”

6 March 2014 | By Michael Glenister

Aviva PR Fiona Whytock says platform boss Phil Ralli was surprisingly well behaved during a chat with an MM hack.

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