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BoE: Mortgage approvals down 11%

30 March 2015 4:25 pm | By Paul Thomas

Mortgage approvals were down 11 per cent year-on-year in February, according to figures published today by the Bank of England.

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Mortgage Strategy in-depth


Cover story: Distribution curveball

25 March 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Phil Whitehouse tells Mortgage Strategy how MCI Club, the market’s newest mortgage club, plans to offer brokers extra


Cover feature: Red rag to a broker

18 March 2015 | By Sam Dale

The broker-lender relationship has improved greatly since our last enquiry in 2011. But Mortgage Strategy hears there are still issues that drive brokers to distraction, such as poor communication over decision-making and unfathomable lending criteria 

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Cover story: Stuck in sleep mode

11 March 2015 | By Guy Anker

Despite a general lack of interest in offset mortgages, some experts believe they are a worthwhile product for the right client. So is it time to awaken the sector from its enforced hibernation by alerting lenders and customers alike to the benefits of these deals? 

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Nic Cicutti: Osborne shows grasp of personal finance

11 December 2014

Like Gordon Brown, George Osborne is a highly political Chancellor but one who understands how personal finance resonates with the public.

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MM leader: Osborne has not addressed the real problem

11 December 2014

There is more to stamp duty move than simple electioneering.

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Outflanked: Osborne has stolen the election...and Ed Balls just stood and watched

5 December 2014

The Chancellor’s decision to axe the hated “slab” stamp duty system could seal the 2015 election for the Conservatives.

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Stuart Gregory: Solicitors need to up their game

11 November 2014

Too many delays lay solely at the feet of this one element of the home-buying process.

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Alan Lakey: Flawed mortgage logic only hurts lenders

31 October 2014

Halifax is encouraging lower-quality lending and penalising the applicants it should be looking to help.

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Robert Sinclair: Buy-to-let traps

10 October 2014

The decision by the Treasury to regulate buy-to-let loans where there is an accidental landlord is a clever sleight of hand to capture the smallest niche possible.


Alan Lakey: Rate increase bombshell is looming

5 September 2014

As advisers we are often expected to be adviser, marriage guidance counsellor and often clairvoyant.

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Alan Lakey: Illogic is king in the mortgage market

27 August 2014

The old adage that “rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools” has never been more appropriate.

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Buy to Let Watch


Buy-to-letwatch: Santander chasing the big boys

18 March 2015 | By Ying Tan, managing director, Buy to Let Club

Over the past two years, Santander has steadily ticked off changes in its criteria and is swiftly chasing stalwarts BM Solutions and TMW

Market Watch


Marketwatch: Budget surprise

25 March 2015

In a Budget that targeted savers, beer drinkers and the North, the Chancellor’s big surprise was the innovative Help to Buy Isa 

Bridging Watch


Bridgingwatch: Versatility is the name of the game

25 March 2015 | By Kit Thompson, head of bridging and commercial at Brightstar

Versatility is the name of the game and, with spring firmly sprung, Q2 will see the demand and opportunities continue to flourish

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Will more providers shun pensions guidance over fears of straying into advice?

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