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Taking a chance on buy-to-let download

23 April 2014 | By Samuel Dale

It was a case of lucky for some when the Chancellor George Osborne cut taxes on bingo halls and sliced a penny off a pint but his real bombshell was the radical pensions overhaul, in the process creating potential jackpot winners in the buy-to-let market


Metro world

16 April 2014

Metro Bank’s smiling and dancing M-character exemplifies the go-getting attitude of the bank as it targets high growth and doubling its book this year


Capital gains download

9 April 2014 | By Guy Anker

London property has been made massively expensive because of the growing demand from UK buyers. That and overseas money flooding into the capital means the streets really are paved with gold

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Robert Sinclair: Damage from inducements crackdown should not be underestimated

22 April 2014

The FCA’s inducement rules risk making product providers withdraw a lot of their training support and make it harder for providers and distributors to work together to make a better industry.


Mark Chilton: Budget will lead to earlier base rate increase

19 March 2014

Budget sets out potential conflict between Chancellor and Bank of England over support for the housing market.


Robert Sinclair: The FCA's wake-up call on incentives

18 March 2014

The FCA’s focus on adviser inducements mean small firms, in particular, need to be able to demonstrate the suitability of advice while networks, providers and large firms need to review their reward schemes


Keith Richards: MMR fares better than RDR

19 February 2014

Mortgage industry appears to be taking a less confrontational approach to the mortgage market review.


Emma Simon: Are two-year fixes failing borrowers?

11 February 2014

The trend for borrowers to opt for short-term fixed rate mortgages may see them pay more than they have to and find them remortgaging at exactly the wrong time.


Robert Sinclair: The way forward on broker panel removals

10 February 2014

Lenders should take a measured approach to removing brokers from their panel and ensure that small brokers are not being unfairly singled out.

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Andrew Montlake: Who'd be a Bank governor?

31 January 2014

The fall in unemployment has opened up a can of worms.


John Heron: Recent attacks on BTL are missing the point

29 November 2013

The recent paper around landlords and the taxation system has some noticeable flaws.

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Buy to Let Watch



23 April 2014 | By Ying Tan, Managing Director, The buy-to-let business

Santander’s game-changing move to offer buy-to-let mortgages signals its intention to become a major player in the BTL market

Market Watch



23 April 2014 | By Andrew Montlake, director at Coreco

Everything is apparently awesome at the moment but the reality is that property price craziness is the order of the day

Bridging Watch


Bridgingwatch: David vs Goliath?

16 April 2014 | By Lucy Hodge, Director of Vantage Finance

With rent rising across the country, including in Scotland, buy-to-let, supported by bridging finance is an ever more attractive option

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