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Halifax: Housing market has reached 'tipping point'

28 July 2014 9:34 am | By Devraj Ray

Buyer sentiment has fallen to its lowest level in three years, while sellers are at their most optimistic.

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Mortgage Strategy in-depth


Cover Story: Europe tightens hold on lenders

23 July 2014 | By Edmund Tirbutt

Commentators say that while the European mortgage credit directive offers vital protection for consumers, it is rigidly bureaucratic and will force UK lenders to undertake an expensive systems review for negligible benefit 

MS 160714 Assembly line

Cover story: Crank up the assembly line

16 July 2014 | By Guy Anker

The field of dreams is that 250,000 new homes are built every year in the UK but experts fear the reality is that we are falling well short of that mark 

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Cover feature: Community challenge

9 July 2014 | By Robert Thickett

Coventry Building Society has always valued its community, not only when it comes to charity work but also when dealing with brokers, with its seven pledges underpinning the way it likes to do business

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Robert Sinclair: Loan-linked insurance cover is never free

30 June 2014

Loan-linked insurance cover is never, as providers may claim, free as someone always bears the liability.


Alan Lakey: Is the MMR another example of the nanny state?

26 June 2014

We have entered a world where important decisions are being made for us.

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Alan Lakey: Catch-22 on commercial decisions

13 June 2014

Not all commercial judgements are sensible or even well thought through and the end result can be detrimental to one or more parties

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Robert Sinclair: Lenders should be ashamed on affordability

27 May 2014

The rules which cover how lenders calculate affordability take a pragmatic approach to assessing borrowers’ spending. It is a shame that some lenders appear not to be following them

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No easy housing market answers despite the easy political soundbites

21 May 2014

It is too early for dramatic interventions aimed primarily at impressing voters.

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Alan Lakey: Why trust people with their pensions but not mortgage repayments?

14 May 2014

Whenever I speak to the regulator I always make them aware of the law of unintended consequences. 

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Nic Cicutti: Lenders are right to get tough on would-be borrowers

1 May 2014

I’d rather people were forced to think carefully about what kind of home loan they can really afford.

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Robert Sinclair: Damage from inducements crackdown should not be underestimated

22 April 2014

The FCA’s inducement rules risk making product providers withdraw a lot of their training support and make it harder for providers and distributors to work together to make a better industry.

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Buy to Let Watch



16 July 2014 | By Ying Tan, Managing Director, The buy-to-let business

Critics say crowdfunding buy-to-let will encourage ‘hoarding’ but what is often ignored is just how important the rental sector is 

Market Watch



23 July 2014 | By Andrew Montlake, Director, Coreco Group

With London house prices up by 20.1 per cent, having such London-centric policies is wrong and will lead to social and economic issues 

Bridging Watch

Chris Fairfax

BridgingWatch: A case out of the ordinary

23 July 2014 | By Chris Fairfax, managing director, Positive Lending

The school summer holidays are unlikely to offer any let-up in loan demand as I am left stumped by a bridging finance client’s request 

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