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Markets relieved by 'less draconian' FPC leverage ratio proposals

31 October 2014 4:55 pm | By Devraj Ray

The Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee has proposed a leverage ratio of up to 4.95 per cent by 2019, lower than expected.

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Mortgage Strategy in-depth


Home grown

29 October 2014 | By Paul Thomas

Mortgages chief Martin Richardson talks about his lifelong affiliation with Leeds Building Society and the vision to make it the most successful mutual  

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No more waiting for Northern Ireland

22 October 2014 | By Francis Higney

The province was one of the hardest hit by the crash but the property market is enjoying a revival and first-time buyers are boosting the feelgood factor 


Spanner in the works

15 October 2014 | By Leah Milner

For the self-employed, getting a mortgage is like standing before the judges on Dragons’ Den and while things are improving, there is still a long way to go  

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Alan Lakey: Flawed mortgage logic only hurts lenders

31 October 2014

Halifax is encouraging lower-quality lending and penalising the applicants it should be looking to help.

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Robert Sinclair: Buy-to-let traps

10 October 2014

The decision by the Treasury to regulate buy-to-let loans where there is an accidental landlord is a clever sleight of hand to capture the smallest niche possible.


Alan Lakey: Rate increase bombshell is looming

5 September 2014

As advisers we are often expected to be adviser, marriage guidance counsellor and often clairvoyant.

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Alan Lakey: Illogic is king in the mortgage market

27 August 2014

The old adage that “rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools” has never been more appropriate.

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The grey areas of FCA consumer credit rules

4 August 2014

FCA-regulated firms now have lawyers and compliance specialists crawling all over the consumer credit rules


Robert Sinclair: Loan-linked insurance cover is never free

30 June 2014

Loan-linked insurance cover is never, as providers may claim, free as someone always bears the liability.


Alan Lakey: Is the MMR another example of the nanny state?

26 June 2014

We have entered a world where important decisions are being made for us.

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Alan Lakey: Catch-22 on commercial decisions

13 June 2014

Not all commercial judgements are sensible or even well thought through and the end result can be detrimental to one or more parties

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Buy-to-letwatch: Medium-term loans provide a solution

22 October 2014 | By David Whittaker, managing director, Mortgages for Business

Market Watch


Marketwatch: Political parties are taking housing seriously at last

29 October 2014 | By Paul Thomas

As political parties polish their housing policies in time for the election, it is good to see the subject being taken more seriously 

Bridging Watch


Bridgingwatch: Speed and flexibility

29 October 2014 | By Lucy Hodge, Director of Vantage Finance

Speed and flexibility have always been of paramount importance to brokers when selecting a lender to place a bridging application 

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Should Sesame unwind the 'pay to play' deals it set up as part of its restricted advice panel?

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