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Virgin Money confirms £150m IPO launch

2 October 2014 10:03 am | By Devraj Ray

Lender is seeking to raise £150m through the share offering.

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Mortgage Strategy in-depth


Building bridges

1 October 2014

Vantage Finance director Lucy Hodge sits down with Mortgage Strategy to discuss a 10th birthday celebration, regulation and the bridging sector at large.


What now for BDMs?

24 Sept 2014 | By Natalie Thomas

BDMs provided a lifeline for brokers as the Mortgage Market Review made its presence felt so what should their role be in the post-MMR world?

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Cover story: Mutual attraction

17 Sept 2014 | By Paul Thomas

Skipton Building Society head of intermediary sales Paul Darwin, who has spent his entire career in the mutual sector, says the industry needs to work on lines of communication between lenders and brokers 

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Alan Lakey: Rate increase bombshell is looming

5 September 2014

As advisers we are often expected to be adviser, marriage guidance counsellor and often clairvoyant.

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Alan Lakey: Illogic is king in the mortgage market

27 August 2014

The old adage that “rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools” has never been more appropriate.

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The grey areas of FCA consumer credit rules

4 August 2014

FCA-regulated firms now have lawyers and compliance specialists crawling all over the consumer credit rules


Robert Sinclair: Loan-linked insurance cover is never free

30 June 2014

Loan-linked insurance cover is never, as providers may claim, free as someone always bears the liability.


Alan Lakey: Is the MMR another example of the nanny state?

26 June 2014

We have entered a world where important decisions are being made for us.

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Alan Lakey: Catch-22 on commercial decisions

13 June 2014

Not all commercial judgements are sensible or even well thought through and the end result can be detrimental to one or more parties

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Robert Sinclair: Lenders should be ashamed on affordability

27 May 2014

The rules which cover how lenders calculate affordability take a pragmatic approach to assessing borrowers’ spending. It is a shame that some lenders appear not to be following them

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No easy housing market answers despite the easy political soundbites

21 May 2014

It is too early for dramatic interventions aimed primarily at impressing voters.

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Buy to Let Watch


Buy-to-letwatch: Not enough brokers are backing stricter rent-to-interest calculations

24 Sept 2014 | By David Whittaker, managing director, Mortgages for Business

Not enough brokers are backing stricter rent-to-interest calculations as stress tests linked to lower rates are setting themselves up for a fall

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Market Watch


Marketwatch: Mansion tax back on the agenda

1 October 2014 | By Andrew Montlake, Director, Coreco Group

Bridging Watch


Bridgingwatch: We need to prove bridging is not a dumping ground

1 October 2014 | By Phil Jay, director, Complete FS

We need to work hard to prove that the bridging market is not the dumping ground for clients who cannot get funding elsewhere 

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