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Concern over ever-longer mortgage terms

25 July 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Borrowers could face difficulties maintaining repaymetns if their income falls during retirment


Tony Wickenden: A matter of relevance

24 July 2014

A further look at how new planned IHT rules would apply to relevant property trusts.


Chris Davies: The starting point for business planning

24 July 2014

There is further work to be done in understanding the regulatory high-level standards in developing a bona fide business plan.


The Platforum: Parmenion and its ready-made CIPs

24 July 2014

Ready-made centralised investment propositions


Asset allocation: Brewin Dolphin looks to sell down US and UK equities

17 July 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Brewin Dolphin head of research Guy Foster says noises coming from the respective governments of rising inflation will force a sale of holdings


Outsourcing: Which model works for your clients?

17 July 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Centralised investment propositions must suit the client to satisfy the regulator.


Financial planning is not just a marketing label

17 July 2014

Use the quieter summer months to determine which areas of your business might benefit from a modular charging structure

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Using social media as a recruitment tool

17 July 2014

No longer just a youth fad or client lead generator, social media plartforms are used with increasing success for recruitment purposes - both when hiring or looking for a new position


Sprint to the finish

17 July 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Fastrak service gives advisers a single view of platform and back office systems.


Tony Wickenden: When it is relevant to pay IHT

16 July 2014

Government proposals to simplify IHT charges on trusts have shown that reform is far from simple.

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Paul Resnick

Paul Resnik: Budget guidance puts advisers in role of question master

16 July 2014

What questions should advisers ask clients in the new world of flexible retirement?


Phil Billingham: Making business plans in an uncertain world

15 July 2014

Business continuity plans address key risks and set out a protocol for dealing with unforeseen outcomes.


Adam Samuel: The problem with high net worth clients

15 July 2014

Higher net worth clients may seem desirable but can pose all kinds of compliance and legal problems.

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Long term care 750 x 400

Lack of direction: Govt's guidance on long-term care advice falls short

11 July 2014 | By Steve Tolley

Advisers and providers believe the Government’s long-term care guidelines are too broad and don’t do enough to aid self-funders.

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Are growing strategic bond funds losing their nimbleness?

10 July 2014 | By Jon Yarker

Are the popular and growing strategic bond funds in danger of becoming their own worst enemy?


Meeting the FCA's rules on costs disclosure

6 July 2014

The FCA has indicated increasing intolerance for non-compliance, so we are likely to see regulatory action if there is no improvement.

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What successful marketing looks like

6 July 2014

Many advisers get off to a great start with marketing but do not sustain the activity, either because other priorities come along or they feel their strategy is not working.


Case study: Using top slicing to manage tax liability

3 July 2014

Which financial planning opportunities are available upon a client cashing in onshore bond savings to fund a dream property purchase? 


Six steps of business innovation

3 July 2014

Ours is not to ask “Why innovate?” but rather to question what we need to change and how we do it. Or risk extinction…


The Platforum: Novia shows platforms are not just a 'big company' game

3 July 2014

Launched in 2008, Novia has led the charge on clean share class conversion with many of its peers still continuing to pay rebates. 

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Sean McSweeney: Employers face auto-enrolment compliance struggle

2 July 2014

With over 3.4 million UK workers now self-employed, many employers may overlook the inclusion of contractors within their auto-enrolment plans.


Danby Bloch: Gifting to the next generation

26 June 2014

Making large gifts can lead to tax and other complications, so it is helpful to have an imaginative financial plan that overcomes many of the difficulties


The secret to retaining low-value business

23 June 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Plan Money director Peter Chadborn tells Amanda Newman Smith the rationale behind Plan Direct, his firm’s online non-advised service

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Will new pension rules lead to less saving?

19 June 2014

Behavioural economics presents interesting and deep-rooted lessons for us to learn as we make sense of the brave new world in pensions, paved by George Osborne in March’s Budget

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Have lenders defused the interest-only 'time bomb'?

19 June 2014 | By Devraj Ray

The Council of Mortgage Lenders says lenders are “meeting their commitment” to interest-only borrowers but brokers say they have barely scratched the surface

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Richard Leeson: Lack of asset due diligence is prompting complaints

19 June 2014

Advisers sometimes overlook the appropriateness of underlying risk assets, resulting in complaints.

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David Coombs: Why I won’t apologise for high turnover

19 June 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Rathbone head of multi-asset investments David Coombs says a lower-risk fund should have a higher turnover rate as it shifts to protect investors’ capital

Holly_Mackay pink

Platform Focus: Club-like Nucleus is real player

5 June 2014

The club-like atmosphere at the IFA-focused platform means its users are strong supporters of the business but it may struggle to remain competitive on fund charges due to its size

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Foot Anstey: Non-compete clauses - the most powerful weapon for employers

27 May 2014

Non-competition clauses are typically kept short but a recent High Court decision upheld a 12 month non-competition covenant.


Peter Hamilton: How should advisers correct mistakes?

12 May 2014

Financial services businesses can usually rely on written communications to correct a genuine error but firms should take care to ensure all communications are fair

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Alan Hughes: The FCA pulls few punches on disclosure failings

28 April 2014

Firms which continue to fail to set out charges clearly can expect to get short shrift from the regulator.


UK equity income's search for dividend growth continues

31 July 2014 | By Gary Jackson

British companies’ dividends rose at the slowest pace in over three years during the second quarter

Justin Onuekwusi

L&G opening up lines of Fed communication

31 July 2014 | By Jon Yarker

Legal and General Investment Management fund manager Justin Onuekwusi is looking to alter his asset allocation in preparation of a possible upcoming correction.


Borrowers face ‘mass confusion’ as MMR and LTI cap conflict

31 July 2014 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers are frustrated with the changing face of mortgage market regulation.


Asset allocation: GAM stands firm as tech 'comes back into vogue'

28 July 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Investment manager James McDaid continues to favour the sector but is avoiding IPOs and certain tech stocks with “jaw-dropping” multiples


Dawn of the biotech 'mega blockbuster'

25 July 2014 | By Michael Berry

Biotech’s rampant growth over the past few years is the recognition of IP written off by cagey investors post-credit crunch, managers say


Brokers warn FCA off restricting SVR changes

17 July 2014 | By Steve Tolley

Brokers say FCA’s suggestion of restricting term changes could place lenders in financial difficulties and reduce competition


A new dawn for India?

17 July 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Investors ask if new prime minister Narendra Modi’s budget of economic reforms can turn India’s fortunes around for the long term


People on the move

17 July 2014

This month’s moves include changes at platform provider Parmenion, the FCA and Towry


Apollo shoots for unloved Japan and emerging markets

10 July 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Apollo Multi Asset Management has spent recent months moving into two areas of the market that have been relatively unloved by investors of late - Japan and emerging markets.

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