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Help to Buy Isa: Help or hindrance?

26 March 2015 | By Tessa Norman

Key unanswered questions remain following Chancellor’s announcement for first-time buyers. 


Losing patience: Has the market overreacted to Fed interest rate shift?

26 March 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

While the UK was waiting for Chancellor George Osborne to give his Budget speech, in the US the Federal Reserve was deciding on their next move on interest rates.


Asset Allocation: Hargreaves Lansdown betting on Europe

25 March 2015 | By Philip Scott

Multi-manager Lee Gardhouse admits Europe has plenty of issues but some great companies too


Special report: Your definitive guide to tax year-end planning

23 March 2015

An in-depth look at the financial planning opportunities as we approach the end of the tax year…


Would regional approach boost the housing market?

20 March 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Experts say the Government should target funding towards those areas that are struggling to keep up with London and the South East.


Asset allocation: 7IM's Ben Kumar shifts focus to European banks

19 March 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

7IM investment manager Ben Kumar eyes European banks and Asia.


Is India the jewel in the emerging market crown?

17 March 2015 | By Philip Scott

GDP expansion forecast to hit up to 8.5 per cent over the next 12 months and thereafter move into double-digit territory. 


Is the mortgage market ready for a return to 100% LTV deals?

11 March 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Brokers are divided over the prospect of no-deposit mortgages returning to the market. 

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Is lenders' digital shift a threat to mortgage brokers?

6 March 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Tech providers say lenders are enhancing their digital mortgage sales platforms in a bid to stop brokers taking a bigger share of the market.

Bambos Hambi 700x450

SLI’s Bambos Hambi looks to Europe and Japan

6 March 2015 | By Philip Scott

Fund manager believes the global economy recovery is firmly on track.


Is the Chinese 'supertanker' getting that sinking feeling?

5 March 2015 | By Michael Berry

For the past year commentators have been opining on how dramatic the slowdown in the nation’s growth will be, but does it matter?


Robert Reid: Losing the loss leaders

2 March 2015

Business owners must accept that they cannot be everywhere all the time.

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Nuttall Neill Goldman Sachs Asset Management 2015

Asset Allocation: Goldman Sachs AM moves from US to Europe

27 February 2015 | By Michael Berry

The Goldman Sachs Wealthbuilder Multi-Asset Growth Portfolio has hedged its interest rate risk and recently stripped down its commodities exposure.


Will ultra-low inflation push the FTSE 100 through the 7,000 barrier?

25 February 2015 | By Philip Scott

The blue-chip index is edging closer to its December 1999 all-time high.


Asset Allocation: Liontrust's Husselbee aims for Europe and the Far East

20 February 2015 | By Philip Scott

For Liontrust’s head of multi-asset, John Husselbee, the disparity of monetary policy across the globe is firmly dictating where he is placing his bets.


Investors urged to beware 'herd mentality' as M&A activity looks set to soar

20 February 2015 | By Sam Shaw

With plenty of cash on balance sheets, corporate confidence back in the black and cheap borrowing abound, M&A looks set to soar even further. But how should investors work the trend?


Mortgage bodies play down BoE rate cut fears

20 February 2015 | By Mark Sands

Mortgage trade bodies have shed doubt on fears that the Bank of England is about to cut interest rates.

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Gaining entry into the advice profession

19 February 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

With the pension reforms expected to increase demand for advice, how can young hopefuls enter the industry?

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Is Odey right on 'darkness and mist' for global economy?

16 February 2015 | By Adam Lewis

Hedge fund manager’s stark warning as high-profile names are stripped of alpha status.

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Asset Allocation: Haywire markets lead Ventre to take cautious approach

12 February 2015 | By Michael Berry

“Dislocated” markets are becoming difficult to read so the Old Mutual Spectrum 5 fund is remaining diversified and avoiding the most consensus trades.


Will pension freedoms spark buy-to-let boom?

12 February 2015 | By Devraj Ray

With a string of new lenders joining the BTL market in recent months, Money Marketing asks experts if market conditions have ever been so favourable.

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Income protection is not just about the money

12 February 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

The Seven Families campaign shows the value of emotional and back-to-work support that can often be overlooked.


US dividend train on track but worry over runaway buybacks

9 February 2015 | By Michael Berry

The US dividend culture appears to be a changin’, but is it really sustainable alongside a multibillion-dollar binge of share buybacks and low investment?

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Jane David Miton 2014

Asset Allocation: Miton manager David Jane's brave new world of tech stocks and erratic bankers

9 February 2015 | By Michael Berry

Western technology companies will benefit most from a low-growth world with depressed interest rates, Miton multi asset manager David Jane says.


The biggest threats to mortgage market growth

6 February 2015 | By Devraj Ray

With forecasts widely predicting growth in the UK mortgage market this year, Money Marketing asks experts what potential obstacles stand in its way.

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Who are the winners and losers from the oil price slide?

29 January 2015 | By Adam Lewis

Described as a game changer for global markets, the dramatic fall in the price of oil is creating a distinct group of winners and losers. 


Lessons from Down Under on pension freedoms

28 January 2015

Australia’s experience of pension freedom should be ringing alarm bells here in the UK.

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Are mortgage brokers being underpaid post-MMR?

28 January 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Some lenders have raised their procuration fees in recent weeks, but distributors argue they still do not reflect the broker workload.

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Does income protection need a helping hand from the Government?

27 January 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Can tax relief or auto-enrolment boost income protection?

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Rock Caspar Architas 2014

Asset Allocation: Caspar Rock explains how duration call boosted performance

22 January 2015 | By Michael Berry

The Architas Multi-Asset Active Intermediate Income fund beat its benchmark last year by being “less wrong” on the duration trade, manager Caspar Rock says.


Why the sudden rush of long-term fixed rate mortgage deals?

22 January 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Industry experts say a combination of lower funding costs and regulatory restrictions have led to a surge in the number of 10-year fixed rate deals.


Phil Billingham: Time to check your vision

22 January 2015

Does your vision of your company match with that of your staff and clients?


Getting to grips with the new guidance qualification

22 January 2015 | By Amanda Newman Smith

The Certificate in Pension Scheme Member Guidance was designed for administrators but could also be useful for paraplanners and advisers.

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Ian McKenna: Does Intelliflo overhaul mark the technology tipping point?

21 January 2015

Intelliflo appears to have cracked the issue of how to deliver digital relationships that complement traditional services.

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Claire Trott Talbot & Muir

Claire Trott: The key pension dilemmas ahead of April

20 January 2015

The countdown is on to the implementation of the new pension freedoms.


Mark Barnett: Dividends' show of strength

19 January 2015

Delivering consistent dividend growth can underpin a company’s share price throughout times of wider market volatility.


Chris Hannant: Will Budget reforms boost retirement engagement?

19 January 2015

There will be reasons for both optimism and concern this year.

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FCA interior 620x430

How to deal with FCA compliance guarantees

16 January 2015

How should firms deal with a request and the potential consequences?

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Does rising proc fee chasm create mortgage misselling risk?

15 January 2015 | By Devraj Ray

Experts have raised the alarm over the widening gap between lenders’ procuration fees after the FCA warned it could intervene in the market.

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Richard Leeson: Getting it right on compliant EIS advice

13 January 2015

At first glance, enterprise investment schemes seem a nightmare for the small IFA.

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