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Paul Kennedy: Beware tax penalties on pension advice charges

15 September 2014

Facilitating advice charges through pensions can have tax advantages but make sure you comply with the rules.


How to find the adviser tech tools that really work

11 September 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Financial planner sheds light on latest technological wizardry in financial services.

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Asset allocation: 7IM swaps European equities for US exposure

11 September 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

The majority of the surplus has been allocated to US equities which are increasingly attractive against the current political unrest in Europe


Do you know your DFM from your multi-manager fund?

9 September 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Is there really any difference between unitised discretionary fund management and multi-manager funds?


Danby Bloch: Fast track to a risk register

1 September 2014

Every business should have a risk register setting out the main risks the organisation faces and how it is dealing with them.


How far can technology replicate the advice process?

29 August 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Is technology a business opportunity or a threat for advisers?

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Ian McKenna: Would guidance be better as a short-term fix?

26 August 2014

A huge amount of time and money is about to be spent because the Chancellor did not fully think through the implication of the guidance guarantee. 

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Tony Wickenden: A matter of relevance

24 July 2014

A further look at how new planned IHT rules would apply to relevant property trusts.


Chris Davies: The starting point for business planning

24 July 2014

There is further work to be done in understanding the regulatory high-level standards in developing a bona fide business plan.


Asset allocation: Brewin Dolphin looks to sell down US and UK equities

17 July 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Brewin Dolphin head of research Guy Foster says noises coming from the respective governments of rising inflation will force a sale of holdings


Financial planning is not just a marketing label

17 July 2014

Use the quieter summer months to determine which areas of your business might benefit from a modular charging structure

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Sprint to the finish

17 July 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Fastrak service gives advisers a single view of platform and back office systems.

Paul Resnick

Paul Resnik: Budget guidance puts advisers in role of question master

16 July 2014

What questions should advisers ask clients in the new world of flexible retirement?


Phil Billingham: Making business plans in an uncertain world

15 July 2014

Business continuity plans address key risks and set out a protocol for dealing with unforeseen outcomes.


Adam Samuel: The problem with high net worth clients

15 July 2014

Higher net worth clients may seem desirable but can pose all kinds of compliance and legal problems.

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Meeting the FCA's rules on costs disclosure

6 July 2014

The FCA has indicated increasing intolerance for non-compliance, so we are likely to see regulatory action if there is no improvement.

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What successful marketing looks like

6 July 2014

Many advisers get off to a great start with marketing but do not sustain the activity, either because other priorities come along or they feel their strategy is not working.


Six steps of business innovation

3 July 2014

Ours is not to ask “Why innovate?” but rather to question what we need to change and how we do it. Or risk extinction…


The secret to retaining low-value business

23 June 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Plan Money director Peter Chadborn tells Amanda Newman Smith the rationale behind Plan Direct, his firm’s online non-advised service

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Richard Leeson: Asset gathering vs advice

11 September 2014

The asset-gathering business model is a potential cause for concern, particularly when it comes to product suitability

Jane Cuthbertson

Jane Cuthbertson: Delivering a successful marketing plan

11 September 2014

Marketing seems simple - so why do so many businesses fail to deliver?


The Platforum: How do advisers view the platform market?

11 August 2014

The Platforum asks advisers how they feel towards those platforms they are, or are not, currently using.


How much attention should you pay to fund rating lists?

11 August 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Advisers are split on whether these lists should be adhered to in making recommendations to clients.

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People on the move

17 July 2014

This month’s moves include changes at platform provider Parmenion, the FCA and Towry

Financial advice-planning-advice-cashflow-analysis

Outsourcing: Communicating the value of difference

10 July 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Can advisers and their outsourcing partners justify their fees to clients by demonstrating their differences?


Making auto-enrolment work: The pros and cons of the Certificate in Pensions Automatic Enrolment

26 June 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Is the PMI’s auto-enrolment certificate relevant to advisers?


People on the move

19 June 2014

This month’s moves include changes at Cofunds, Jupiter and Countrywide


Careers Brief: Is graduate recruitment hotting up?

19 June 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Graduate recruitment is expected to rise this summer but are financial services recruiters seeing any evidence?


Asset Allocation: Why TAM Asset Management is steering clear of emerging market funds

12 June 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Senior investment manager Christian Holland says the sector is a space the wealth management firm does not need direct exposure to


Compliance tip of the week: Keep within the financial promotions rules

12 June 2014

There are two financial promotions rules that are often broken


The Technical Quiz: 5 June

5 June 2014

To help you to keep up with the fundamentals of tax, retirement and financial planning, try answering these questions


Better business: How to make the most of your time

5 June 2014

With so many demands on an adviser’s time, using time-management strategies has never been more important


Compliance Tip of the Week: Dealing with complaints

5 June 2014

Handling complaints well involves doing the opposite of what seems natural


What payments can platforms still take from fund managers?

29 May 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Platforms are allowed to continue to take payments from fund managers for a number of ancillary services.


Better Business: Setting your charge rates

29 May 2014

It is important to set an hourly charging rate or project fee that adequately reflects the costs involved and the value of your expertise


People on the move

15 May 2014

This month’s moves include new appointments at Towry, Lloyds Banking Group and the FCA

Financial advice-planning-advice-cashflow-analysis

Careers Brief: Should you scrap or adapt your sales skills?

15 May 2014 | By Amanda Newman Smith

Do advisers need the ability to sell post-RDR?


My Beautiful Career: Jon Everill

15 May 2014

FundsNetwork’s head of advisory services talks about keeping up with constant change in the platform world and recommending a career in financial services to his son

Better business: Weighing up pros and cons of outsourcing

15 May 2014

Outsourcing may save advice firms time and money but the final decision will depend on a range of factors

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