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Former Treasury financial secretary Mark Hoban to quit politics

23 January 2015 11:34 am | By Sam Brodbeck

MP who compared advisers to McDonalds staff to step down after 14 years.

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London wealth manager buys IFA to boost assets by £150m

23 January 2015 11:30 am | By Tessa Norman

Dart Capital acquires Kent-based adviser Waterson Jones. 

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FCA fails to address key issues in final simplified advice guidance

22 January 2015 11:51 am | By Tessa Norman

Regulator says it cannot give further clarity on liabilities and the FOS.

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Pension freedoms add 'layer of complexity' to divorce cases

22 January 2015 9:30 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Lawyers say new cash option makes divorce proceedings unpredictable.

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SJP adviser numbers surge as assets pass £50bn

22 January 2015 8:55 am | By Sam Brodbeck

Funds under management hit record £52bn.

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Jonathanfry acquires Harry Katz's Norwest Consultants

20 January 2015 3:48 pm | By Sam Brodbeck

Veteran adviser Harry Katz’s business, Norwest Consultants, has been acquired by adviser firm jonathanfry for an undisclosed sum.

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Citizens Advice names first pension guidance sites

20 January 2015 12:04 pm | By Sam Brodbeck

CAB reveals 44 office locations for face-to-face sessions.

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Aviva warns on impact of Sesame liabilities

20 January 2015 11:49 am | By Sam Brodbeck

But insurer says “allowing Sesame to fail” could also hit Aviva’s reputation.

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Jeremy Fawcett peach

The Platforum on Trustnet Direct: It’s all about the content

23 January 2015

This newbie is a refreshing addition to the direct platform landscape.


Rob Reid: Are the days of contingent charging numbered?

23 January 2015

Time to turn our backs on the percentage of AUM charging model.

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Nic Cicutti: Never mind clients, how about the nightmare advisers?

22 January 2015

Following Neil Liversidge’s article on “nightmare clients”, could consumers come up with similar stereotypical descriptions of their advisers?

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Tony Wickenden: Direct recovery of debts disclosed

21 January 2015

HMRC is deadly serious about getting tax it is owed as soon as possible.

Claire Trott Talbot & Muir

Claire Trott: The key pension dilemmas ahead of April

20 January 2015

The countdown is on to the implementation of the new pension freedoms.


Tony Byrne: Looking outside the main asset classes

20 January 2015

Can traditional asset allocation weather the oncoming storm?

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Phil Billingham: Time to check your vision

22 January 2015

Does your vision of your company match with that of your staff and clients?

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Tony Byrne: Looking outside the main asset classes

20 January 2015

Can traditional asset allocation weather the oncoming storm?


Neil Liversidge: Tales of the nightmare clients

16 January 2015

Be sure to hang out the “no vacancies” sign if any of these come your way. 

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Alistair Cunningham: Stoking the fires of house price speculation

23 December 2014

The combination of a stamp duty reduction and April’s pension freedoms is an accident waiting to happen

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Richard Graham MP

Profile: MP Richard Graham on buying into pension freedoms

15 January 2015 | By Sam Brodbeck

Conservative MP and former asset manager Richard Graham bemoans regulation that he says is holding back much needed innovation

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Chris Hannant: Pension reforms bring major opportunities for advisers

20 October 2014

Next April will bring significant change to the whole of retirement planning.


Robert Sinclair: Buy-to-let traps

10 October 2014

The decision by the Treasury to regulate buy-to-let loans where there is an accidental landlord is a clever sleight of hand to capture the smallest niche possible.

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