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Derbyshire-based IFA charged with 44 offences

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A Derbyshire-based former IFA has been charged with 44 separate offences including fraud, deception, and false accounting.

Malcolm Green, who worked for MG Financial and Insurance Services, was bailed by police today and will appear at Chesterfield Magistrates Court on Monday January 30.

According to the FSA register, Green worked for MG Financial and Insurance Services between 2001 and 2004, joining Mint Financial Services between 2004 and 2008 and Unleash Advice Partnership between 2008 and March last year.

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Readers' comments (6)

  • Do you think that given the recent and current public disgust at people receiving bonuses the FSA should be giving bonuses to their staff?

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  • They are in a complete shambles, but hey is that not the norm nowadays make an arse of things and get a huge bonus.

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  • Where a bonus is EARNED I see no problem. What I object too is the bonuses are paid for just being there.
    The FSA have taken many wrong turns over the years and the occassional right turn "guiding" our industry to the state it is in now. Rewarding apparent failure by bonus and large salaries and allowing staff movement when another "plan" fails.
    The new team fails to learn from the failings of the old team but what the heck give them a bonus anyway as a good-bye.
    This leaves the depleated professional on the floor "eating Cake". Europe is comming and remember the French revolution.

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  • So we go from IFA charged with 44 counts of fraud, deception and false accounting to an anonymous whinge about FSA bonuses quite how exactly?

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  • Ian - it ust goes to highlight the typical IQ of most advisers out there. Embarrassing

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  • Ian and Harry, couldn't agree more.

    If that does reflect the typical IQ of an adviser, heaven help their clients!

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